Miesha Tate Calls Herself Holly Holm’s Kryptonite

Miesha Tate is prepared to fight the current women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm, and is completely confident in her ability to defeat her.

Since Holly Holm knocked out the former champion Ronda Rousey at UFC 193 in Melbourne, Australia, Tate has been campaigning for a shot at Holm, and now she will get her chance. On Saturday, March 5, Holm and Tate will take on each other during UFC 193 inside the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

Although Tate previously lost twice to Rousey, she believes she can beat Holm, calling herself Holm’s kryptonite.

“I really think that I’m Holly Holm’s kryptonite,” Miesha told Fox Sports. “I am the worst matchup that Holly could ask for. I have more ring experience. I have a wrestling background, which is a threat there and it’s a completely different style of takedowns. She has never fought a girl even close to my style in MMA.”

Tate said she has watched the opponents Holm fought in the past, and she can already see that she brings a whole new set of skills to the table.

“I’ve looked at all the opponents she fought, none of them have put the kind of pressure on her that I’m going to put on her. The right kind of pressure,” Tate said. “It’s not the kind of pressure that’s reckless abandon, its not going to be desperation. It’s going to be an ‘oh (expletive)’ type of pressure.”

“I think stylistically this is the perfect matchup for me and for Holly I know she wants to test herself and she wants to prove she’s the champion,” Tate continued. “And I have the most respect for her as an athlete for wanting to take on such a big challenge, but at the same time it’s like you’re going to get what you ask for and I don’t know if you’re going to like that.”

Despite Miesha’s confidence, Holly’s manager Mike Winkeljohn has already predicted that Holm will knock Tate out in the second round of the fight just as she did with Ronda Rousey, MMA Fighting reports.

“Second round KO for Holly Holm,” Winkeljohn said. “Yeah a lot like it; just as dominant.”

“[Holm] She’s firing on all 12. She’s a high-tech European racecar,” Winkeljohn added. “Same going in for Ronda, I won’t lie, we were confident for that one as well. I think Holly is going to dominate the fight and do real well. There are a lot of things you need to watch for and Miesha is very strong and very dangerous in many ways, but yeah she’s [Holm] been looking good so far.”

Although Winkeljohn doesn’t think Miesha stands a chance against Holly, he did acknowledge Miesha’s strengths as a fighter, and said he admired her persistence.

“Oh yeah. You know, she’s number one for a reason,” Winkeljohn said. “She’s been around for a long time and she’s pretty darn good everywhere. She hits hard; she’s tapping people out. Her wrestling is very good. You see that she’s beaten jiu jitsu people, she’s beaten wrestlers and she’s beaten strikers so she’s very good at what she does.”

“Just the no give up attitude. How many fights has she been losing and she comes back?” he added. “She’s as tough as they come. She’s a competitor at the highest level with skills, so that’s always scary.”

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[Photo by Dennis Van Tine/STAR MAX/IPx]