‘Charmed’ Original Cast Member On Reboot: ‘We’re All Totally On Board’

Charmed appears to be the next TV series ready for a reboot, Alyssa Milano told Entertainment Tonight in a recent interview.

The actress — who played Phoebe Halliwell on Charmed — hinted that a reboot of the show that aired from 1998-2006 may already be in the works, with many original cast members ready to revive the cult classic.

“We are all open for [a Charmed reunion]! It seems like that’s going to happen any second. I just feel like with all these reunions, and we still have such a cult following, that I feel like someone’s going to put that together at some point, and we’re all totally on board for that!”

Fans also seem ready for a Charmed revival. A Facebook page dedicated to a Charmed reunion has more than 17,000 followers and regularly posts their desires to have the series rebooted through their news feed.

A Charmed reunion would be a welcome sight to many fans of the classic TV series that last aired an original episode in 2006. [Photo via Charmed Reunion/Facebook]

The news that Alyssa Milano would welcome a Charmed reboot is not unexpected. The actress took to Twitter in 2013 to express her desire to do a Charmed movie project, asking former co-stars for their opinion on such a project. Shannon Doherty — who played Prue Halliwell on the series — replied she would be interested.

“[Y]ep I would. Enough was left undone to address and make a good movie.”

The actress that played Paige Matthews on Charmed — Rose McGowan — would also be up for a reunion with one mind-altering stipulation. “I hope we’re all drunk and high on coke,” McGowan told E! Online in a 2015 interview. Rose later affirmed her support for a Charmed project.

“But you know what? Witchcraft is kind of awesome and I had the best powers, so I hope so. Sure.”

Discussing a possible Charmed reunion was not the reason for the interview with Alyssa Milano, however. Alyssa was interviewed to discuss her involvement as host of the upcoming season of Project Runway: All Stars. At 44 years old, Milano explained that she has never felt more confident than she does now, especially after becoming a mother to a son named Milo.

“[Motherhood] does put everything else in perspective in a powerful way, and gives you the confidence to do other things. You almost become, even though you may not be focusing on your career, you become more confident all around so you’re able to take more risks in your career.”

Milano also used the platform to continue her advocacy for mothers who choose to breastfeed their children. The Charmed actress — who often posted breastfeeding pictures on her Instagram account — spoke at length about her concerns that women do not have positive role models when it comes to this particular area of motherhood.

“To me it’s so important for little girls… to see other women breastfeeding so that it becomes acceptable and normal for their generation… The fact that we need lactation consultants after we give birth is so crazy to me, but it’s because we never see other women! We don’t know how. We don’t have a sister or an aunt to show us or teach us the right way to do it.”

#tbt 2014 Wonder Woman! #normalizebreastfeeding

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Charmed would be another show in a long line of TV series from the 1990’s that have started production on new episodes two or more decades after the original show ended. Fuller House — the revival of ABC program Full Houserecently returned to Netflix within the last week. Almost the entire original cast returned for the Fuller House reboot project with only the Olsen twins — who were rumored to have hard feelings about the project — did not return, the Inquisitr reported.

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