Jim Bob And Michelle Duggar Hailed Public Relation Geniuses For Promotion Tactics With ‘Jill And Jessa: Counting On’

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have held the fort down for the Duggar family since the very beginning of their television exposure. While their lives have been widely publicized, they have stuck by their faith to keep them grounded. It was recently announced that the Duggar family would be returning to television with another show. Jill and Jessa: Counting On will begin airing later this month, and the elder Duggars are working the public relations process quite well.

There are plenty of questions surrounding what will happen with the new show, and what the family plans to do differently this time around. Jim Bob Duggar has likely been thinking about how this is all going to play out, plotting every move like in a chess match. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are promoting their return to television with incredible precision. It has not been confirmed if either Duggar parent will be appearing on the new show regularly. It is likely both Jim Bob and Michelle will make cameos, but it is clear that the focus will be Jill and Jessa from the start.


The entire Duggar family has suffered at the hands of Josh Duggar, but no one more than Jim Bob and Michelle. They were constantly criticized for how they handled the initial problem with Josh and his sisters, and then their every move was scrutinized to the point of bringing some of the family members to tears. While the Duggars aren’t perfect, people believe they should be. After the year the family experienced in 2015, it is surprising they will be returning to television. Several fans wrote to the TLC network and demanded they put the Duggars back on the air. While Jim Bob and Michelle will no longer be front and center, fans are still excited to be able to watch the family grow and branch off with their own families.

Promotion is important in the television industry, and Jim Bob and Michelle know just how to do it. From attending Christian events to posting on their blog regularly, the Duggar family has self-promotion down to a science. On top of doing their own positive thing, they have been sending out little tidbits of rumors to get people talking. According to Christian Today, Jana Duggar may be dating someone. That is unlikely a ploy from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, but it is still getting them and their new show a lot of attention. There is also speculation that Anna Duggar is pregnant once again, even while Josh remains in rehab. Could that have been a public relations stunt pulled off by Jim Bob and Michelle?


The next several weeks will be filled with plenty of words from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar regarding the upcoming premiere of Jill and Jessa: Counting On. From their family blog to appearances in public, the Duggar family is stepping up to promote their latest project. Jim Bob and Michelle are keeping things in order, but Jana Duggar helps with the kids more than anything else. Public relations is Jim Bob’s forte, even political figures have tapped him for endorsements. While the Josh Duggar scandals may have rocked the family, they never lost their focus. Taking a step back from the spotlight allowed them to deal with what was happening, and also to take the necessary steps to move forward when it was time. With TLC once again backing the family, the sky is the limit. Both Jill and Jessa will be at the helm of the show, but Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are working the public relations department, and working it well.

[Photo by Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images]