Joanna Krupa Rescues Wolf Hybrid In Hollywood Hills

Joanna Krupa, model and animal activist, has been on a mission to help a wolf dog that was roaming at large in the Hollywood Hills.

Krupa was feeding the animal by hand, and according to TMZ she was spending hours trying to gain its trust. She was posting on her Instagram account about her encounters with the animal.

“Since Friday I have been trying to save this gorgeous girl who has been roaming our streets. We are calling her Princess for now. Been spending hours and hours each evening trying to feed her, so she will trust me and eventually let me catch her. She is a wolf/dog and she has 2 wounds-one under her left eye and one below.”

The story elicited some discussion on TMZ as to whether the animal was a wolf or a coyote, and whether it was safe to get that close.

Joanna’s goal was to try to capture the wolf dog so she could take it to a veterinarian. Dog breed experts cautioned her that the hybrid may be as much as 70% wolf, and any attempts to handle it may prove dangerous.

Joanna said she might adopt the wolf dog if it turned out to be domesticated, or help it be placed in a home through Lockwood Animal Rescue Center in Ventura.

The wolf dog was picked up by animal control and transported to the Los Angeles County shelter, where she remained for the obligatory holding period. When no owner came forward, she was moved to the Lockwood Animal Rescue Center.

An elated Krupa posted to her Instagram account.

“Wooohooooo!!!! The long hours and efforts have paid off!!!! The little angel PRINCESS is rescued! She is at the shelter where she will have a vet examine her and then transported to her new home. Lockwood animal sanctuary will be her new home and she will be reunited with who they believe is her mate named Spirit. Spirit was rescued 3 years ago around the same area in the Hollywood Hills. Now we need your help… If you want to donate toward her care please do so at @angels_for_animal_rescue #angelsforanimalrescue #wolf #dog #animalrescue #animallover #princess. Under special instructions please make sure you put Princess. Thank you in advance and God bless. Thank you animal services and all the amazing neighbors!”

According to the Lockwood rescue, people are breeding wolf dogs to other dogs. It states that a breeding between a dog and wolf is actually very rare. When people get a mix, they end up relinquishing it to shelters because they do not make good pets. Other wolf dogs are released into the wild, in hopes that they will manage to live on their own. Unfortunately, most of them cannot survive in the wild. Beyond that, they pose a huge threat to house pets and livestock, and can be a risk to humans as well.

The Lockwood Animal Rescue Center is a nonprofit located on 20 acres in the Los Padres National Forest in Ventura County, California. Besides wolves, Lockwood offers safe haven to horses and some other wildlife.

Matthew Simons works with the birds, wolf dogs, horses, and wildlife at LARC.

“There’s something amazing about the animals at LARC and learning all of their stories. We love to see them come into their own and flourish.”

Joanna Krupa is co-founder of Angels for Animal Rescue, a group dedicated to saving the lives of animals who are in need of rescue and finding them forever homes. As displayed on their Success Stories Page, they have been involved in the rescue and rehoming of all kinds of critters, from dogs to goats to baby ducks.

The wolf-dog, Princess, has a companion waiting for her at the sanctuary. It’s a male named Spirit that was picked up in the same part of Hollywood Hills.

[Photo via Alexandra Wyman/Invision/AP]