‘Marvel Heroes’ Soon To Include Rescue Team-Up, Female Captain America Costume

Starting in March and continuing through the summer, Marvel Games will be celebrating female characters in tandem with Marvel Publishing’s latest “Women of Power” campaign. Many Marvel Games titles will be participating in the promotion, including Gazillion Entertainment’s action role-playing game Marvel Heroes. In fact, a new team-up hero and a new enhanced costume will release thanks to the “Women of Power” celebration.

Players that follow Marvel Heroes pretty closely know that two team-ups remain to be released from the previous team-up pack. The early access to the X-Force Archangel is coming along nicely on the test server, but one team-up still remains. That hero is Rescue, also known as Pepper Potts. As a team-up hero, Rescue will be able to assist the player in three ways. Players will be able to customize her powers and choose whether she stays by the player, assists intermittently, or only provides her passive bonus.

Marvel Heroes
Magik is just one of many playable female characters in Marvel Heroes [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]

Team-ups in Marvel Heroes are non-playable characters that can assist the player in combat. Team-ups can be customized with their personal power trees in addition to the level of contribution to the player. A team-up can provide merely a passive bonus to the player with little to no presence on the battlefield or it can constantly assist the player. A third option also lets a player occasionally call on the team-up for extra and boosted damage in comparison to a team-up that is always summoned.

Marvel Heroes players will also be able to pick up the enhanced American Dream costume for Captain America. Last year, Marvel Heroes players were polled on which enhanced costume they would like to see added to the game next. The Rocket Raccoon Symbiote enhanced costume won the poll and is available now as seen on the Marvel Heroes website, but the American Dream costume for Captain America was also a fan favorite. The American Dream costume will be coming soon to Marvel Heroes, according to Marvel. It is said that players can “earn” the costume in the announcement but it is unclear on how players will do that exactly. Players might be able to unlock the American Dream costume through achievements or some other method, but outright purchasing the costume may also be a possibility.

The Lady Deadpool skin is another example of an enhanced female costume [Image via Gazillion Entertainment]

Enhanced costumes in Marvel Heroes are skins for playable heroes and villains that drastically alter their default costume. These costumes often come with different voices and sometimes powers are colored differently for the enhanced costume. The change is purely aesthetic, however, and offers no gameplay advantage whatsoever. For instance, the enhanced Wiccan costume for Scarlet Witch alters the character’s powers from pink to blue.

Although the month of March is the primary timeline for the “Women of Power” celebration, the announcement on Marvel‘s website notes that many products will continue the campaign throughout the spring and summer. Rescue and the American Dream costume for Captain America may release as early as this month, but they could also release later in the year as part of the continuation of the “Women of Power” event. No firm release date for Rescue or the enhanced costume is set at this time.

Marvel Heroes update often with changes, features, new heroes, and new team-ups. The next playable character, likely out this month, is Green Goblin. Norman Osborn will toss bombs and throw toads all while riding upon the Goblin Glider. Players can pre-order Green Goblin now for a discount or elect to purchase Advance Pack 3 including Green Goblin and the other upcoming characters. The Green Goblin Hero Pack includes the character, two costumes for Green Goblin, his personal bank space, six Fortune Cards, and two experience boosts.

Players that want a heavy discount on all upcoming heroes can purchase the Marvel Heroes Advance Pack 3. This huge bundle includes all upcoming seven characters. As the Inquisitr reported, all seven characters are now confirmed to be Angela, Beast, Black Bolt, Elektra, Green Goblin, Nick Fury, and Ultron. Sales of the Advance Pack 3 will discontinue before the release of Green Goblin. The discounted bundle will no longer be available after March 4.

[Image via Gazillion Entertainment]