Emily Maynard Johnson’s Due Date Revealed: When Is ‘Bachelorette’ Star’s Third Baby Set To Arrive?

Former Bachelorette star Emily Maynard Johnson is expecting her third baby and now scoop is coming out detailing just when the new addition should be arriving. This will be Emily’s second child with hubby Tyler Johnson, and as fans know, she also has daughter Ricki from a previous relationship. Just when is this new bundle of joy set to debut?

According to Wetpaint, Tyler and Emily’s baby is due in September. While the former Bachelorette star’s big announcement earlier this week had seemingly hinted at a summer due date, apparently, the new Johnson family member will be coming early this fall instead. Emily and Tyler’s son Jennings was born in July 2015, so this means that Maynard’s two little ones will be just about 14 months apart.

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Will this former Bachelorette and her husband find out the baby’s gender this time around? Emily and Tyler did for baby Jennings, and she thinks they probably will this time around too. Maynard says that she actually would love to hold off and let it be a surprise, but she notes that Tyler really wants to find out and she suspects that once they are in a position to find out, they will go ahead and ask for the scoop.

There is already some talk of baby names too, though Maynard is not ready to share specifics quite yet. She notes that Ricki’s full name, Josephine Riddick, is a family name that comes from the girl’s father’s side, and Jennings is Emily’s grandfather’s name. The Bachelorette star says that they will probably go with a name that is inspired by their family ancestry and ties for this baby too, but it doesn’t sound like they have settled on anything quite yet.

When chatting with People, Maynard teased that baby names are the one thing that she and Tyler fight over at home. It seems that he likes traditional names whereas she likes monikers that are a bit outside the box. Emily jokes that Tyler teases that she picks dog names, but she refrained from sharing any examples.

While the Bachelorette star may joke about these fights over names, she is quick to praise her hubby for his support and love at home. Maynard says that she tends to get very sick with each of her pregnancies, and she gains quite a bit of weight, but Tyler does everything he can to help her through the toughest parts of the process. She also jokes that she doesn’t care about the weight gain and is glad she didn’t work too hard to shed any pounds after Jennings’ birth, considering how quickly she got pregnant again.

As Bachelorette fans know, Emily took quite the journey to find lasting love. She had been engaged to racecar driver Ricky Hendrick when she was young, and she discovered she was pregnant with daughter Ricki just days after Hendrick died in a plane crash.

Emily went on Season 15 of The Bachelor and ended up engaged to Brad Womack, but that relationship fizzled a few months after the finale aired. ABC brought Maynard back to become the Season 8 Bachelorette star, where she got engaged to Jef Holm. Once again, however, the relationship ended shortly after the finale.

After all of that, Maynard settled back into her regular life in Charlotte, North Carolina, and met Tyler through her church in 2013. The two got engaged in January 2014 and wed in a surprise wedding ceremony in June 2014. Emily never made any secret of her strong desire to have more kids, and she says that Tyler wants oodles of children as well. While she admits she was a bit caught off-guard by this third pregnancy, Maynard is clearly excited and already bracing herself for the chaos ahead.

Emily Maynard Johnson is doing a lot of press right now for the book she just wrote titled I Said Yes, where she shares not just tidbits from her Bachelor and Bachelorette days, but tales from before and after her reality television days as well. Fans are thrilled by the news of Tyler and Emily’s new baby on the way and can’t wait to see updates as the pregnancy progresses.

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