Paris Jackson Finds Comfort In Father’s Lyrics During Family Dispute

Paris Jackson may not be able to turn to her late father, Michael Jackson, for guidance anymore, but she can still turn to his music for solace.

The 14-year-old girl has been stuck in the middle of a hectic, and sometimes violent, battle between her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, her aunt, Janet Jackson, and the rest of her father’s siblings.

Paris claims that her aunts and uncles are purposely keeping her from contacting her grandmother. Rumors even circulated last week that Katherine Jackson had been kidnapped by Janet Jackson and her siblings.

Paris wrote on Twitter: 8 days and counting . something is really off , this isn’t like her at all .. i wanna talk directly to my grandmother!!<|3

According to Randy Jackson, Katherine was taken to a hospital in California and spent last week resting with her family. Randy said that Katherine is now on her way back home and that she was in “much better health.”

The turmoil inside the Jackson family has to do with guardianship issues regarding Paris, Prince, and Blanket, as well as the division of Michael Jackson’s estate. Janet and her siblings claim that the will, which left Michael’s estate to his mother, was fraudulent.

According to ABC, a court battle over Michael’s estate and the legal custody of his children is imminent.

While the Jackson family fights over the legal issues surrounding Michael Jackson’s death, Paris Jackson is looking for a stable figure in her life.

The 14-year-old girl took to Twitter, writing:

everyones taking control of me , it seems that the worlds got a role for me .. im so confused will u show to me you’ll be there for me

— Paris Jacksoη (@ParisJackson) July 25, 2012

The lyrics are from Michael Jackson’s song “Will You Be There.”

ABC reports that Michael Jackson’s estate has earned $475 million in gross profits since his death.

Do you think the Jackson family will be able to settle their dispute peacefully?