James Holmes Sent A Notebook With Drawings Of The Shooting To Psychiatrist A Week Before The Aurora Theater Shooting

James Holmes, alleged Aurora movie theater shooting suspect reportedly sent a notebook to a psychiatrist with drawings depicting the Century 16 theater massacre, Fox News reports. James Holmes notebook was found in the University of Colorado mail room, it never made it to the hands of the psychiatrist.

The notebook of the alleged midnight movie massacre shooter is allegedly “full of details about how he was going to kill people,” Fox News notes. The package sat unopened in the University of Colorado mail room since July 12. FBI agents and Aurora police officers were called to the Anschutz medical campus yesterday morning by a college professor who is also a psychiatrist. The man thought he had received a packaged from suspected shooter James Holmes. While the package turned out to be from another person, it prompted an on-campus search by law enforcement officers.

According to a source which spoke to Fox News, another package found in the college’s mail room room was labeled with James Holmes return address and name. After obtaining a search warrant, the package was opened and the “chilling contents” inside were reviewed. Exactly why the mail was not delivered to the psychiatrist it was addressed to remains unclear.

“Inside the package was a notebook full of details about how he was going to kill people. There were drawings to do in it- drawings and illustrations of the massacre,” the Fox News law enforcement source maintains.


The spiral bound notebook reportedly created and sent by James Holmes included “gun-wielding” stick figures “blowing away” more stick figures. The professor the alleged James Holmes notebook was addressed to treated patients at a campus outpatient facility in Building 500 – where the first “suspicious package” was delivered. It is currently unknown if the psychiatrist was treating James Holmes.