Adam Wakefield Covers ‘Tennessee Whiskey’ On ‘The Voice,’ Sparks Heated Debate Between Adam And Blake

The Voice contestant Adam Wakefield shook things up in more ways than one during his blind audition. The Nashville artist’s soulful cover of “Tenessee Whiskey” by George Jones earned an immediate turnaround from coach Adam Levine. Blake Shelton listened in a little longer, but also turned his chair, ready to fight to gain Wakefield on his team.

Adam Levine began his case by pointing out that he turned his chair right away, to which The Voice hopeful replied, “Yes, I noticed.” Levine noted that he picked up more than just country in Adam Wakefield’s voice.

“I heard things other than country in your voice. I heard Southern rock, I heard the blues, and I think a strong male country leaning singer with a minor in rock & roll fits on anybody’s team and I want you so desperately on mine.”

Blake Shelton fiercely defended his delayed chair turn, saying it was because he wanted more time to hear what Adam Wakefield was going to do with the chorus. Shelton also shared his excitement over what artists like Wakefield can bring to country music.

“The reason it took me longer to hit my button is ’cause Adam doesn’t realize that’s a George Jones song that Chris Stapleton covered and Chris Stapleton took the melody and changed it. I thought, ‘I gotta hear what this guy does with this chorus.’ By the way, country is not always about exactly what you sound like, but it’s about what you want to represent with your music. It’s guys like you that get me so excited about the future of Nashville. Dude, you’re country. You’re freakin’ country.”

Blake Shelton and Adam Levine were soon debating what country is and what it is not. Levine then threw out the big question of why country artists should be allowed to have their own “club.”

“Why does country and its many counterparts get its own club? Music reaches millions and millions of people all over the world. It’s not supposed to be put in a box.”

Christina Aguilera voiced her support for Team Adam, saying, “I would pick you, Adam.” While Pharrell Williams appeared to stay out of it, he had nothing but praise for Adam Wakefield’s performance, telling him, “You were doing some really, really interesting runs and I’m so glad someone like you is on this show.”

Shelton didn’t deny the fact that county is, in fact, an “exclusive club.”

“It’s up to us as country artists to protect who’s in that club otherwise it gets too far away of what the heart and soul is of country music. If you don’t know where it comes from how the h*** are you going to know where it should go?”

It seemed like Adam Levine possibly had a chance, but Wakefield went with Team Blake. Once the contestant’s spot was secured on Shelton’s team, the coach joked that Levine was just jealous because he can’t be in the “club.”

According to Adam Wakefield’s Voice bio, he was born and raised in small town New Hampshire and started playing guitar at just 4-years-old. As Adam discussed in his intro, he later joined a band with his brother. Wakefield’s brother battled mental illness which sadly, led to a lethal drug overdose.

Adam said he struggled personally and professionally following the death of his brother. He credits his girlfriend for helping him heal and keeping him away from drugs and self-destruction. She encouraged him to snap out of his sorrow and share his gift with the world. They moved to Nashville where he developed his unique sound and has had the opportunity to work with country artists like Chris Cagle.

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[Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP Images]