Are Rihanna And Drake Dating? Conflicting Reports Arise

Are Rihanna and Drake back together? Following the release of Rihanna’s latests single, “Work,” off her recently-released album, ANTI, rumors are swirling regarding her relationship with the rapper, who is featured on the hit track.

“They’re back together and Drake is totally besotted. His team have been teasing him about it but nothing can wipe the smile off his face,” an insider told the Sun last month.

According to the Sun‘s report, Rihanna and Drake arrived in London prior to the Brit Awards in February, and were spotted partying together until the wee hours of the morning at Libertine nightclub last Monday night. While no photos of the pair getting cozy have surfaced as of yet, the source claimed Rihanna and Drake were seen kissing “passionately” on the dance floor.

“[Rihanna and Drake] were like a couple of teenagers — snogging and following each other around the club. It was like watching scenes from their new video when they danced together,” the source recalled.

In the music video for “Work,” Rihanna and Drake are seen as love interests, and in one scene, Rihanna is seen dancing provocatively for Drake as he sits on a couch.

During the Brit Awards, Rihanna and Drake once again put their alleged admiration for one another on display as they danced around the stage, performing “Work.” Then, following their on-stage showcase, Rihanna and Drake headed to London club Tramp, where they partied until the early hours of the following day.

While the Sun‘s report seemed to be possible at the very least, judging by Rihanna and Drake’s body language during recent sightings, a second report, via OK! Magazine on March 2, claims their short-lived reconciliation has already come to an abrupt end after Drake ditched the singer.

“[Rihanna and Drake] do have terrific chemistry,” the magazine’s insider said. “He is very attracted to her, but he knows with Rihanna it’s all or nothing, and he just can’t commit to her like that. He still wants to be friends and party with her, but he doesn’t want to be her boyfriend. Rihanna is devastated.”

According to the report, Rihanna and Drake’s relationship wasn’t a two-sided effort. Instead, it was Rihanna who was leading the charge, and Drake who reportedly wasn’t too keen on following through.

“He doesn’t want to hurt her, but she is so not over him. She keeps thinking if they spend enough time together she can get him to be boyfriend material, but Drake knows better,” the source added.

For many years, Rihanna was caught up in an on-again, off-again romance with Chris Brown, but for several months, the pair has not been seen together, and there have been no clear signs of a future reconciliation. However, according to a third report, Brown felt that Rihanna and Drake’s recent song release was a desperate attempt to get his attention.

“All [Chris Brown] wants is for [Rihanna and Drake] to leave him alone,” sources close to the singer told Urban Islandz on February 7. “Their relationship is history but she always have to be singing about him to get attention to her music and what makes him angry the most is when she allows Drake to rap about him also.”

Following the release of Rihanna and Drake’s song, Brown released a song of his own, in which he apologizes to his former flame, Karrueche Tran, who dumped him after learning he had fathered a child.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]