Glen Campbell’s Son Says Stepmother Kim Being Investigated By FBI, Just Wants To See Sick Father

Glen Campbell has been dealing with Alzheimer’s for a while now, but his son is now speaking out and saying that there is some other stuff going on. Glen has been battling with Alzheimer’s for six years now. His son Travis Campbell is revealing that his stepmother Kim is even being investigated by the FBI, and all that Travis says he wants is the chance to see his dad whenever he wants. Radar Online shared the details of the Glen Campbell family feud that is now coming out.

Glen and Kim got married back in 1982, so she has been a part of the family for a long time now. Glen Campbell has been married four times. Now Travis is sharing that he doesn’t agree with the way that Kim is handling everything for Glen during his health issues. Travis Campbell explained that they even have the authorities involved now.

“We have turned over information to authorities, the FBI and district attorney in two different states to prove that she’s mismanaging his finances. We need to find out some things about what she’s doing with the cash.”

Kim’s lawyer is denying that this is the case either. Her lawyer gave a statement, and the lawyer “is unaware of any type of investigation. In the conservatorship lawsuit, an independent guardian investigated and found no impropriety, no elder abuse and no compromise to Glen’s health or safety.”

Glen Campbell is reportedly worth $50 million and has five sons and three daughters. There are a lot of family members to argue about how things are being done. Back in 2015, Travis Campbell and his sister Debby decided to file a lawsuit against Kim. At that time, it wasn’t about money but instead was all about wanting to get to see their dad Glen Campbell. Travis Campbell shared that when Glen went into a nursing home, they found out through the media.

“We had not seen Dad for almost eight months. We only wanted a judge to appoint an outside third party as a financial conservator – and Kim spun to the press that we wanted money, which [could not be] further from the truth.”

The main complaint that Travis Campbell has right now is that he is not listed on the guest list to see his father Glen. Travis explained that the children that Kim and Glen had together are able to go in and see him, but Travis and some of the other siblings are not listed. Travis is in the area where his dad is in a nursing home often and is just hoping to get things fixed where he can visit with Glen Campbell whenever he would like. At this time, Travis Campbell has to text Kim and give her seven days notice, then he gets the chance to visit with his father.

This is just one side of the story, though. Glen Campbell’s wife Kim recently became an advocate for Alzheimer’s and is now speaking out. The Lexington Herald-Leader shared the details of what Kim is doing now. At first, she didn’t realize he had Alzheimer’s, and Kim shared that him being diagnosed helped.

“Getting the diagnosis helped me a lot. Before the diagnosis, I would get frustrated with him, and irritated and annoyed.”

Kim is now speaking out about her role as Glen Campbell’s caretaker and even tried at one time to bring him back home again for a while. Kim shared that she missed having Glen by her side, but it was not easy for her to bathe him and dress him all by herself. Kim wants everyone to know how important it is to get help and take a break now and then as the caretaker. As of right now, fans will just have to wait for Kim to share her side of this recent story from Travis Campbell. Kim also just gave a recent update about Glen and he is in the final stages of this disease.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images For The Open Hearts Foundation]