‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Sarah Drew Reveals How Jackson Reacts To April’s Pregnancy News [Spoilers]

The latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy left fans flat on the floor as viewers witnessed Jackson (Jesse Williams) and April (Sarah Drew) end their marriage, only to find out that April is pregnant again! And if that wasn’t enough shock for viewers, it appears the show will continue with the surprises.

In an interview with Variety, Drew, 35, said that the shocking recent events between her character and Jackson was only the start of the drama between the couple.

“That’s something that we talk about in the next couple of episodes, for sure. The end of this episode is not the end of anything. It is the beginning of a much bigger story. We have a lot of story to tell that is all intertwined in this baby and her decision how, when and if to tell Jackson about the pregnancy, and how all of that comes to light. The next eight episodes, there’s a lot of story that happens. This is really just a jumping-off point.”

And for those fans that think the baby might not be Jackson’s since the father isn’t actually named in the episode, Drew made it clear that she couldn’t see it belonging to anybody else.

April and Jackson on their wedding day. [Image via ABC]
April and Jackson on their wedding day. [Image via ABC]

“They’ve been sleeping together a bunch because they’ve been going to counseling for, like, four weeks, and they’ve been sleeping together during a lot of the counseling… I can’t imagine April sleeping with Jackson, fighting for her marriage, going to marriage counseling, all while sleeping with some other guy.”

In another interview, this time with Hollywood Reporter, Drew reminded viewers of April’s last line of the latest episode, one that ended with the signing of divorce papers. “Just because something feels like it cannot be fixed doesn’t mean that it’s broken.” So does that mean there is still light at the end of the tunnel for Jackson and April?

Grey’s Anatomy viewers also thought that April signed the divorce papers after she knew that she was pregnant, but Drew says that the timeline isn’t as clear as audiences might assume, but the next episode will reveal if she signed them before or after she found out she was pregnant.

When asked how April feels now that she knows she’s pregnant, Drew said “Her pregnancy is shifting her gears in a pretty profound way. It’s forcing her to focus on the much bigger thing at hand, which is the baby. She’s choosing to focus on this baby as the tremendous gift and joy in the midst of the pain and agony.”

Fans are hoping that Jackson and April can work out their differences. [Image via ABC]
Fans are hoping that Jackson and April can work out their differences. [Image via ABC]

So, how does Jackson react to finding out April is pregnant? Well, first off nobody knows if she is going to tell Jackson right away, and Drew said that those questions will only be revealed in future episodes. However, regarding her character she did say that “You’re going to see an April that you don’t expect. She is more resilient than she’s ever been … You’ll see her not really falling apart so much right off the bat … She’s keeping her shit together. She’s strong. She’s really resilient.”

For those that need a quick update, Cinema Blend reminds casual Grey’s Anatomy fans that Jackson and April first started out as friends, then had sex, which sparked an on and off again relationship which peaked when they eloped, and April got pregnant. But after their baby died during an early delivery, April left Jackson to serve as a trauma surgeon in Jordan, which eventually led to the fallout fans have seen in the latest episodes.

But will the couple be able to get past their issues? With all the drama taking place and planned for the future, it appears we will all have to wait to find out.

Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursday’s at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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[Image via ABC]