Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris Celebrate Year Anniversary With A Date Night

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris decided to celebrate their one year anniversary of being in a relationship by going out for a date night. The two were snapped after their dinner date at the Beverly Wilshire hotel, holding hands and looking very happy to be a couple.

This dinner date was on the heels of their one-year anniversary together. According to E!, the two dined on steaks and cocktails. A witness told the outlet, “It was definitely a date, but there was no overt PDA.”

According to an Instagram user, the two met at the Elle Style Awards in February of 2015.

As of this February, Swift didn’t bring Harris to the Grammys, as he was busy, but he did have some time to congratulate his girlfriend on her big win of the night on Twitter. The singer took home three awards from the ceremony. Harris was in attendance for the after party, which was revealed in an Instagram post.

Grammy Squad 2.0

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Last we’ve heard about this couple, they were thinking about getting very serious with each other with a possible engagement. A source told E! that the couple “are definitely talking about their future together and the possibility of one day getting engaged.”

Back in August, Taylor Swift got candid about her outlook on her relationship, and how she became involved with Harris during her sit down interview with Vanity Fair. The singer, who has sung about her relationship woes with her famous exes, went on to talk about how she went into 2014 as a single young woman, and how that aligned the stars for her relationship with Harris, though she didn’t name the EDM producer at all.

“That was the way I decided to go on with my life: Not looking for anything, not necessarily being open to anything, but only being open to the idea that, if I found someone who would never try to change me, that would be the only person I could fall in love with, because, you know, I was in love with my life.”

She continued to speak about how she approaches relationships now.

“It’s not about changing the fact that you’re a people pleaser; it’s about finding someone who is not critical. That can be the most painful thing: Trying to love someone who is critical in their nature.”

The last we heard about Swift is gossip that she was avoiding Selena Gomez at the Oscars. It was said that she avoided Gomez, her BFF, at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Hollywood Life reported, “Both women were partying the night away on February 28 at the Vanity Fair bash, but as far as anyone can tell, never together. Selena instead attended the party with Victoria’s Secret model Josephine, while Taylor hung out with her brother, Austin Swift, 23, and Lorde, 19.”

Gossip Cop busted that news real quick, as they tend to do with Hollywood Life.

“Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez did NOT ignore each other at the Vanity Fair Oscar party on Sunday, nor are the two friends ‘fighting,’ despite a made-up webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim. We’re told there’s ‘no truth’ to it.”

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