Sea World Killer Whale Attack On Trainer In San Diego Video Released

Sea World released the video from a killer whale attack in San Diego in 2006. The graphic video shows Sea World trainer Ken Peters diving into a tank at the California facility and being attacked by “Kasatka” a 5,000 pound killer whale, according to the video republished on Fox News.

Whale trainer Ken Peters is in the tank approximately one minute before “Kasatka” drags him down to the bottom of the tank by clamping onto his foot. The Sea World San Diego trainer manages to wrangle somewhat loose from the grasp of the killer whale and rises to the surface, “gasping for breath.” Ken Peters attempts to “calm” the killer whale by “patting” her, but she refused to completely let go of his foot.

Peters’ relief at getting his head above water is short-lived as “Kastaka” dives and takes him underwater for a second time. The killer whale attack video released by Sea World shows Ken Peters being tossed and turned under the water by “Kasatka.”

Eventually, “Kasatka’s” grip on Ken Peters’ foot loosens enough for him to break free, but he still must swim carefully in the water for approximately nine minutes before he can safely swim past the whale, climb over a barrier and crawl onto a platform – all with a broken foot, puncture wounds and other minor injuries.

U-T San Diego garnered the nearly 15 minute killer whale attack video through a Freedom of Information Act request made by David Kirby. The author recently released his book, “Death at Sea World.” The Sea World whale attack video was also used by federal regulators defending safety violations relating to the death of Sea World Orlando trainer, Dawn Brancheau in 2010.