Samantha Bee Burns Texas Over Abortion Laws on ‘Full Frontal’ [Video]

Samantha Bee may just be the next Jon Stewart. On her recently debuted show, Full Frontal, Monday night, the former Daily Show correspondent took on Texas in regards to their new abortion laws. Suffice it to say, Bee “nailed it,” as Stewart would have put it.

The new abortion laws in Texas, coupled with some old ones, have been a hot topic of discussion for women across the country. So much so that Wendy Davis has become something of a women’s rights hero, but she failed to retain the Governor’s office last year in a heavily Republican state.

But Davis’ efforts were not in vain, and people across the country have been talking quite often about what is going on down in Texas, which is something that Samantha Bee has also picked up on.

Women’s rights is no laughing matter, but Samantha Bee found the humor in the other side of the aisle when she did her due diligence and went to Texas to get an interview with a state lawmaker, most notably Texas State Representative Dan Flynn, who is a Republican.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Flynn co-wrote a bill that would lead to the limiting of women’s rights in the state and set forth abortion restrictions. But Flynn would argue otherwise that his bill, HB 2, was not that at all, but rather just the opposite.

“The issue for this bill was to be sure we provided healthcare – safe health care for women,” Flynn told Samantha Bee during their interview.

But Bee was quick to walk back into that statement with a comical question of her own.

“How does removing access to healthcare increase healthcare?” Bee asked Flynn.

Flynn then asserted that he is not removing healthcare, but rather making it “more safe,” presumably for women. But Samantha Bee also tried to segue that into another funny statement by telling him that he was trying to “make it impossible to get an abortion” by making it “safer” for women.

Of course, Flynn also denied that assertion as well, but it seemed to be the only real premise of his bill, which included restrictions and minimum standards for women’s healthcare clinics, such as the size of their hallways.

“You don’t seem to know anything specifically about abortion, really at all. And yet you did all this with building regulations,” Bee said to Flynn, seemingly posed as a question.

Another standard that is in the Texas law includes having admitting privileges to local hospitals. Many of these standards do not seem to reflect the real challenges posed for an actual doctor who performs abortions, and has already forced many of the clinics in Texas to close down, leaving only 19 still open for women.

According to the average, Texas women would have to drive in excess of 100 miles in order to get the procedure if they would choose to do so.

Samantha Bee did not really let up on Flynn, either. She gave him some demanding statements that were posed as opened-ended questions. But there was one in particular that fans of the show really focused on.

“I speak with the authority of one who has a uterus, and I guess that’s why I think that you’re the wrongiest wrong-headedest wrong person,” Bee told Flynn.

But Flynn also had his own comeback to that, and he wanted Samantha Bee to know that men also have things about them that women don’t know about.

“Well, I can tell you some things about a man that you wouldn’t understand,” Flynn said in response to Bee. “I need to do a better job of educating you.”

Either way you look at it, it seems as though Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal is poised to be the next version of Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.

[Image via TBS]