‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: ‘Women Tell All’ Special Brings Confrontations And Tears As Ben Higgins Faces His Cast-Offs

Ben Higgins is down to his final two ladies on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season, but viewers will have to hang tight for a bit longer before they get to see that final rose ceremony. Coming up next is the “Women Tell All” special, and this episode always brings some juicy drama. Reality Steve’s spoilers are breaking down the scoop on what went down during filming, and fans will get to see it all play out on the March 7 show. What can everybody expect?

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that the “Women Tell All” for Season 20 ends up being pretty typical fare in terms of how these specials go. All of the women from Ben Higgins’ season who got any significant air time will be there, other than Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher. Of course, there will also be a handful of bachelorettes viewers won’t really even remember.

There are always a handful of contestants who end up in the “hot seat” on stage with Chris Harrison, and that is the case this time around as well. Reality Steve’s spoilers share that Olivia Caridi, Lace Morris, Jubilee Sharpe, and Caila Quinn all get some time to chat. While this could bring about some juicy drama, Bachelor spoilers share that nothing too dramatic takes place as Ben’s cast-offs dish on all that went down.

Lace caused some fun and wild moments during the brief time she was on Ben’s season this winter, but she was never a true contender for that final rose. However, many fans bet she will be a prime candidate for Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and it seems that idea is definitely brought up. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that host Chris Harrison asks if Morris will join the cast, and it seems she says she’s game. Viewers apparently may also see a male audience member show off a tattoo of Lace that he got.

As for Olivia’s time in the hot seat, Bachelor spoilers share that she will apologize to Amanda Stanton for the Teen Mom reference she made that generated a lot of drama. Caridi is said to take quite a bit of heat during her time on stage, and she will shed some tears. There will also be talk of the bullying she says she’s endured since her episodes aired, and Bachelor spoilers note that she will take some heat from the other ladies, but she never goes any deeper into an apology or anything like that.

When Jubilee is on the stage, she takes some criticism regarding playing the “race card,” and it sounds as if she staunchly defends herself. When it comes to Caila’s time in the hot seat, Bachelor spoilers detail that she will get upset watching her split with Ben, and she will talk about being heartbroken and forcing herself to forge ahead. Many figure that this is the next phase of cementing her as the Bachelorette 2016 lead, and Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that this may well be exactly the plan.

Ben Higgins hits the stage too, as is typical with these “Tell All” specials. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that this time around, however, there are not any particularly tense or dramatic moments. None of the ladies confront or tear into him it seems. There are some bloopers, and TV Guide confirms that viewers will get an extended preview for the finale set to air on March 14.

While the network will surely edit things to look a bit more dramatic, Bachelor spoilers indicate that this will be a somewhat entertaining but fairly mild edition of the “Women Tell All.” Will the finale be as explosive as some fans are anticipating? Reality Steve’s spoilers have broken down the events surrounding Ben Higgins’ final rose ceremony and Ben himself as confirmed that he is engaged. Viewers can’t wait to watch it all play out as ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season comes to a close this month.

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