Taylor Armstrong Reveals Why She Questioned Yolanda Foster’s Illness

Taylor Armstrong left The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after she settled her million-dollar lawsuit. Her ex-husband, Russell Armstrong, suddenly committed suicide before the second season was about to air, and Taylor learned about various secrets he had been hiding. She was left with a huge financial mess to clean up, but her lawyer helped her out. He was so involved that the two ended up getting married. And despite leaving the show, Armstrong has been following along, and she has a few thoughts about the whole Lyme disease drama.

According to a new Bravo report, Taylor Armstrong is now revealing why she has questioned Yolanda’s illness. Armstrong visited Watch What Happens Live last night to clarify some comments that she made last year. Taylor didn’t think that Yolanda had been diagnosed with the right illness.

“I hope that no one else has to experience what she was experiencing. I feel horrible for her, but at the same time, I was concerned she had a misdiagnosis because I have family members who have had neurological diseases,” Taylor explained to Andy Cohen during her visit to the show, adding, “They were misdiagnosed for a very long time and they ended up having multiple sclerosis. So I was just concerned. It really was out of concern. I wish the best for her.”

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While the show was airing, Yolanda Foster decided to reveal that “[a] lack of education is the root of so many issues today. You will never hear someone who’s walked in my shoes speak the way Taylor spoke on tonight’s episode. I truly hope she never has to experience the journey she questions me for sharing.”

Of course, Taylor Armstrong has been through plenty of drama herself. Armstrong was judged for not being completely honest with the ladies when she was filming the show. Armstrong was keeping a huge secret: her late husband was being physically violent with her. He never got to defend himself, as he committed suicide before the second season started airing.

But Taylor didn’t appreciate her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars’ comments about her marriage. She claimed that they couldn’t make judgments because they didn’t know what was going on. Yolanda feels the same way about her illness. Many people keep questioning her illness because they think it is something else. As she points out, no one who has walked in her shoes would ever question the illness.

“The debate on this very personal matter has affected me deeper then I was willing to admit. Even though my reactions are to others’ actions, it still doesn’t make it right for any of us women to get tangled in this unpleasant web,” Yolanda reveals about the other ladies, adding, “It is time for me to let go of any negativity. I feel for not only some of the women in this group but for those in my life who choose to judge my journey. In order to get to the finish line, I must address forgiveness and practice love starting in my own heart.”

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Many are wondering why Taylor would be sharing her comments now. Of course, she was asked about her thoughts by Andy Cohen when visiting his show, but she also made comments last year that were uncalled for. Clearly, Armstrong has a thought or two about her former co-star. It is possible that she’s staying in touch with the co-stars in case she should return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It is possible she will return next season.

What do you think of Taylor Armstrong’s comments about Yolanda Foster?

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