March 2, 2016
Brad Pitt Almost Got Beat Up By Mike Tyson? Former Heavyweight Champ Talks Catching Angelina's Man With His Wife

Brad Pitt may be the luckiest man alive, or the bravest. After numerous knockout victories handed out courtesy of former heavyweight champion of the world Iron Mike Tyson, a young Brad Pitt decided it was okay to fool around with the former champs' soon-to-be ex-wife, Robin Givens. Of course, this was way back in the 80s when Mike Tyson says he caught the Hollywood star moments before Pitt and Givens were about to hook up.

Thirty years after the champ's run-in with Brad Pitt, the 49-year-old retired boxer finally opened up about the juicy story. According to Hollywood Life, Mike Tyson was asked to share the details about the awkward run-in during a visit to the daytime talk show, The Real.

Apparently, Mike Tyson was swinging by Given's house to get one last booty call in before the divorce was finalized with the lawyers. But surprise, surprise, Tyson wasn't the only one getting ready for a good time with Givens. That's right, Pitt had beat Tyson to the punch on this one, and was already at Given's house by the time Tyson showed up. But Tyson says he didn't walk in on anything, and that it was more like the moments right before.

"I didn't really catch them in the act, maybe right before the act," he admitted, clearly frazzled by the memory. After some deep breaths and some laughs, Tyson said that although he was headed to get in one last "rump session" and caught Brad there instead, he holds no grudges against him.

The former champ also said, according to Celebuzz, that when he confronted Pitt on that awkward day, the actor wasn't very coherent, acting goofy and clumsy.

Mike Tyson [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty]
Mike Tyson [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]Tyson went on to describe The Big Short actor as "a really nice guy." While everyone got a laugh out of the story, no one will be more relieved to hear that Tyson thinks the story is funny than Brad Pitt.

Ironically, thirty-odd years later, it's Pitt and his marriage to Angelina Jolie that seems to be constantly plagued with rumors of divorce. But while it's doubtful that Tyson will be headed over to Angelina's, talk of Pitt and Jolie struggling in their marriage has surfaced lately, but according to Movie News Guide, the recent rumors of Pitt searching for his own bachelor pad behind wife Angelina's back is completely false. The rumor was sparked partially due to Pitt's recent filming being done in London, forcing him to reside there.

Apparently, a tabloid recently said that Pitt has been troubled by "reminders of his wife's past problems, including "heroin binges" and "kinky sex games." The tabloid reportedly had a "source" that told them that the actor is "fed up with hearing the extent of her debauchery, numerous forays into sex with both men and women, and the drugs." Jolie was also cited in the same tabloid as using her filming as an excuse to run away to Colombia to get away from Brad's presence.

Despite rumors of a split, Angelina and Brad seem closer than ever. [Photo by Jordan Strauss/AP]
Despite rumors of a split, Angelina and Brad seem closer than ever. [Photo by Jordan Strauss/AP Photo]Of course, Gossip Cop debunked those claims, calling them "ridiculous." It should also be noted that the golden standard when it comes to celebrity marriages, just like any other married couple, Pitt and Jolie aren't excluded from the price of fame and glory, and the seemingly endless reports of celebrity marriages ending in divorce because of cheating and scandals.

However, while rumors of divorce seem to pop up about the couple on a regular basis, the pair have been together for over ten years, and can often be spotted enjoying each others company, putting on a united front to any divorce claims.

Other than being hounded by divorce rumors and narrowly missing getting pummeled by Mike Tyson, there is some good news for Brad Pitt. Despite taking home an Oscar for producing 2014 Best Picture 12 Years a Slave, an Academy Award for his acting as proven quite elusive for Pitt.

Now, the New York Daily News has put Brad on a prestigious list of actors who are long overdue to finally take home the big prize. Other big names on the list include Will Smith, Matt Damon, Robert Downey Jr., Glenn Close, and Laura Linney.

Tell us! Do you think Mike Tyson really would have beat up Brad Pitt? Let us know in the comments below and watch the hilarious interview below.

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