Rob Kardashian Shows Off Weight Loss With French Montana: ‘Khloe Feels So Betrayed’

Rob Kardashian appeared to clap back at his sisters, Kourtney Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, who spent time with his ex-girlfriend, Adrienne Bailon, over the weekend, by hanging with the ex-boyfriend of his sister Khloe, rapper French Montana.

While Khloe and French have remained close to one another, even after their breakup at the beginning of last year, Rob Kardashian may not have had the best intent when it came to filming a Snapchat clip with the rapper, which French later shared on his Instagram page.

Early this year, Rob Kardashian’s girlfriend, Blac Chyna, announced their relationship on Instagram with a photo of the two of them, and ever since, the relationship has been causing tons of drama within Rob Kardashian’s family. Because Blac has feuded with Rob Kardashian’s youngest half-sister, Kylie Jenner, since Kylie began dating Tyga, the rapper ex-boyfriend of Blac, and the father of her young son, Blac was said to be an enemy of the family — despite her previous closeness with Kim Kardashian.

On March 2, as reported by Radar Online, Rob Kardashian was seen talking with French in his video clip, and during the flick, his weight loss was evident. Meanwhile, his relationship with Khloe remains strained, and he’s recently moved out of her home.

“Khloe feels so betrayed by [Rob Kardashian], because he’s told her to back off since moving in with Blac,” a family insider told Radar Online. “She doesn’t like this relationship one bit, knowing just how much he wears his heart on his sleeve.”

On March 1, a source spoke to Entertainment Tonight Online, revealing Rob Kardashian has “lost another 10 pounds and has really been taking care of himself.”

“It really all is because of Blac Chyna,” the source said. “Chyna is great… She has brought this new side of him out, the old [Rob Kardashian]! He’s really having a lot of fun.”

Rob Kardashian quit his role on Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2012, following a messy split from Bailon, and in the years that followed, he struggled with depression and weight gain, and was rarely seen publicly. Then, after being diagnosed with diabetes around the holidays, Rob Kardashian went public with his new romance, and shortly thereafter, he began venturing out of his home.

Around the same time, he and Khloe reportedly had a falling out, and ever since, she and the rest of the family have continued to post cryptic messages online. Following a mean-spirited post by Kylie, which compared Rob Kardashian to the devil and suggested he be disowned by the family, Khloe took to Instagram, where she slammed someone toxic, but didn’t mention Rob Kardashian by name.

“Never be fearful of letting go, for sometimes holding on can damage you deeper. Those scars run deep,” Khloe wrote, according to People Magazine. “Letting go means putting yourself first instead of holding on to that negative space you don’t deserve… Removing toxic people from your life is only allowing room for a positive flow to elevate your mind, body and soul. Not everyone who started with you will finish with you.”

Khloe also shared a post, which advised her followers never to go against family, and while she initially denied it was about Rob Kardashian, she later suggest it could have been aimed at a few different people.

Rob Kardashian’s family will return to the E! Network this spring for Keeping Up With The Kardashians Season 12. No word yet on whether or not Rob will be seen.

[Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]