'Mob Wives' Spin-Off? Rumors Circulate That Drita D'Avanzo Lands New Show -- Karen Gravano And Renee Graziano Jealous Of Her New Gig?

Mob Wives fans have been on edge since VH1 announced that this season will be a wrap for the hit reality show. The show took another hit when fan favorite Angela "Big Ang" Raiola passed away after a year-long battle with cancer, which solidified that the show would not come back for season 7. However, It looks like the story may not be over after all; Drita D'Avanzo may have landed a Mob Wives spin-off, and could be filming as early as the next few weeks.

Immediately following Big Ang's death, the Mob Wives cast members tried to put aside their beef with each other to honor Raiola. They knew that Angela would have wanted them to get along and not bicker among each other. But it seemed that even at Big Ang's funeral, Drita was rumored to have hired bodyguards to protect her. At the time, it was believed that D'Avanzo was scared of Karen Gravano and Renee Graziano attacking her. However, now it is known that Raiola's family hired security to protect the memorial service guests from the fans outside the funeral home.

Twitter users speculated that D'Avanzo landed a spin-off to Mob Wives and could begin filming as early as a couple of weeks from now. Mob Wives fans have talked about the possibility of a spinoff and wondered which cast member would get the show. At first, the fans assumed that Renee Graziano would likely be the one to land a spin-off; after all, her sister was the creator of Mob Wives.

Renee is close to everyone on the show right now, except Drita and Brittany Fogarty, and so it seemed to make sense that she may be the one to land the spinoff. It is looking like Karen and Renee got passed over, and Drita landed the show. The rumor on social media is that originally, Big Ang and Drita were going to do the show together. However, it appears her death didn't affect the offer, and apparently, Drita will allegedly continue with the show, in honor of her friendship with Big Ang.

It looks like the spin-off has been in the works for quite some time, and it could be the root of her issues with Karen and Renee. Karen claims that she is sick of Drita being obsessed with her every move and her (past) relationship with Lee D'Avanzo. Apparently, 20 years ago, Lee and Karen had a serious relationship, and it was difficult at first for Drita to accept. Renee is extremely close to Karen, and the friendly duo finds fault with everything that Drita does or says.

Karen and Drita have been vicious in their social media attacks this week, and it seems like something fueled the battle. Is it possible that Karen is jealous that Drita landed a spin-off, and her bout with reality TV will come to a close in a few weeks?

New to Mob Wives this season, Brittany Fogarty is just getting her feet wet and learning how she fits with the other ladies. When she told Karen that Drita was talking about her, Brittany had no idea the can of worms she just exploded. Brittany had a terrified look on her face; it was that moment that she figured out that Drita was right about Gravano and Graziano.
Watch The Show confirmed over a year ago that Drita was in fact in the process of getting her own show and that it would not include Renee or Karen. Brittany has cozied up to Drita in the past few months -- could she have a deal to appear on Drita's show? D'Avanzo has made it crystal clear: in no way, shape, or form does she want Karen to be a part of any of her business ventures. It's pretty safe to assume that that would include her new spin-off.

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[Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for VH1]