‘Do You Want Another One?’ Dumped Boyfriend Asks As He Pours Boiling Water Over a Mother of Two

Mother of two, Suzanne Thomas, 33, was left writhing in agony when a jilted boyfriend, Jason McLean, emptied a kettle of boiling water all over her body, Yahoo News is reporting.

Suzanne was left burns over 27 percent her body, including her arms, stomach, legs, and crotch after being violently attacked by an ex-boyfriend, Jason McLean, in her home in Nottingham, in the United Kingdom, 24 hours after she dumped him.

McLean had broken into her home, threatening her with a knife and kicking her repeatedly in the head. Suzanne was on the floor groaning in pain when he went into the kitchen, boiled water, and emptied the kettle all over her body. McLean had gone to boil water a second time but stopped when he heard police sirens approaching the house. Police have described it has one of the most vicious cases of domestic violence they have ever seen.

Unbelievably, McLean still showed up at her hospital bed threatening her “You have not seen anything yet—if you think this is bad see what comes next.”

He was arrested before he could cause further harm, and is now serving a 14-year jail sentence for causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

Suzanne met McLean in 2013 at a nightclub. There was a connection that made him move into her home six months later. But according to Suzanne, within days he changed into a controlling and jealous individual, and she showed him the door after a few weeks of living together. She had gone out with friends and, returning home found her living room window open and McLean inside brandishing a knife.

“I was trying to calm him down, but he just wasn’t hearing it, he was in a complete rage–staring straight through me. He was in a total and blind rage. He started kicking me and I fell to the ground and he carried on with the kicking and stamping on my head. That’s when I don’t know if I passed out briefly because when I wanted to sit up he was holding a kettle above me. He poured that directly on my lap, all down my legs and my stomach. I was screaming and he asked if I wanted another one? I went straight into shock and then it felt freezing cold. The pain was horrific.”

Photos of Suzanne’s injuries are graphic and disturbing and will not be published in this post. However, you can see photos of her injuries here, via the Daily Mail.

Suzanne was rushed to the Queen’s Medical Centre, where she spent 21 days on a cocktail of painkillers. Doctors said if McLean had emptied another kettle of boiled water over her severe burns, it would have killed her.

“It was the worst pain that I have ever been in. It felt like someone was ripping sheets of skin off me–but slowly. What Jason did to me that night has completely changed my life-I can’t even face having a bath as a fear of water still haunts me,” she said.

Detective Inspector Peter Queen said Suzanne would most likely carry some scars for the rest of her life. He added that she would also bear the brunt of psychological trauma as a victim of abuse. Suzanne says she is not angry anymore, but sorry that a man could do that to someone. She lives in Skegness Lincs, where she is trying to forge a new path with her two young daughters. Suzanne continues to receive treatment for her third degree burns, applying cream daily and taking plentiful painkillers. She cannot stay in the sun without applying high-factor sun cream and avoids chlorinated water like a plague.

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