Kentucky Voter Fraud Allegedly Funded By Drug Money

Tara Dodrill

Kentucky voter fraud may have been funded by “major cocaine and marijuana dealers.” Voter fraud in eastern Kentucky allegedly involved the use of drug dealers to buy votes, Fox News reports. U.S. Attorney from the Eastern District Kerry B. Harvey told the media that he believes money from drug trafficking was used to purchase votes in Kentucky, The Lexington Herald-Leader notes.

The Kentucky U.S. Attorney went on to describe an “extensive” scheme which allegedly involved “hundreds of thousands” of dollars to develop an “organized criminal activity” system for the purpose of buying voters in Kentucky. Harvey was the leader of a series of federal prosecutions which exposed the alleged “widespread” practice of buying votes in Kentucky.

Kentucky's vote buying scandal is “rooted in economic woes,” according to Harvey and his team of federal prosecutors. The alleged “generational” practice of buying votes in Kentucky is prompted by high poverty and a desire to control local government jobs, according to federal prosecutor remarks during recent court cases.

In the Eastern District of Kentucky more than 20 politicians and related defendants have plead guilty or been convicted in voter fraud court cases over the past two years. One politician convicted of voter fraud admitted to purchasing his first voter with half a pint of liquor.

“These folks go out and hijack the local elections for their own purposes and then they use those jobs to enrich themselves and their confederates. It really is a terrible problem and it has to be stopped,” Harvey stated.

Kentucky voter fraud court testimony in Clay County maintains money to purchase votes stemmed from marijuana and cocaine drug trafficking. The Kentucky federal prosecutor claims more than $400,000 was “pooled” by both Democratic and Republican politicians over multiple decades to buy approximately 8,000 votes. Part of the proceeds to purchase votes in Kentucky at $50 a pop allegedly came from drug trafficking.