Yolanda Hadid Thanks Bravo For Lyme Platform: Is She Leaving ‘Real Housewives’?

Yolanda Hadid has a mission on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills: to share her journey with Lyme disease and find a cure for all. Yolanda learned that two of her three children had been diagnosed with Lyme disease as well, and she wants to find a cure for all – an affordable cure for all who are struggling. And according to a new report, Yolanda Hadid revealed that she’s very thankful for the Bravo platform so she can share her journey.

“Thank you to Bravo for giving me the platform to share my journey, it’s been a humbling experience to learn that most people don’t understand invisible disease because they can’t actually see the sickness on ones skin……………… Spiritually shaming those suffering from invisible chronic illnesses is something we really need to take a look at with compassion. Please check out my blog on tonight’s episode-Link is in my bio #RHOBH #bravo #TurningAMessIntoAMessage #LymeDiseaseAwareness #InvisibleDisability,” Yolanda Hadid revealed on Instagram, as last night’s episode of the show aired.

Yolanda decided to thank Bravo for allowing her to share Lyme disease journey on national television. Of course, the television show has truly turned her Lyme disease into a spectacle. The show isn’t about her Lyme disease — it is about the ladies questioning what illness she does have, and Hadid has tried to share her story to educate critics about her illness.

“Watching yourself on TV gives you a great opportunity to re-evaluate your behavior. I must remember the higher purpose of my journey. When I first got diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and learned about the stigma around it, I chose to share and bring awareness to this ignored disease whose surrounding controversy feels like such an unfair and shameful affair,” Yolanda has revealed in her Bravo blog for the show, revealing that she has come across as rude and harsh when the ladies have questioned her.

Of course, Hadid has been very vocal about her illness on the show, and she revealed that two of her children have also struggled with Lyme disease. Both Bella and Anwar have given up many passions because it has simply been too painful for them to continue. And she’s surprised that the ladies would talk about her children on the show. Of course, Hadid brought up her children’s illness herself, and Lisa Vanderpump was merely revealing that the children’s father, Mohamed, had said that the children were fine.

This didn’t sit well with Yolanda, because she felt it was gossip about her children. While Lisa and Kyle Richards were merely trying to figure out how Hadid’s children were doing, Yolanda was furious and quickly became very protective of her children. And she’s learned that the people who she thought were her friends may not be her allies.

“It has been a humbling experience to learn that most people don’t understand invisible disease, because they can’t actually see sickness on one’s skin,” Yolanda Hadid explains, adding, “I feel such deep compassion and speak with conviction for all of those affected, and my spirit is unbreakable, but I also have to learn not to let this get the best of me, because sometimes it just does.”

So, why is Hadid saying thanks to Bravo now? The episode didn’t really feature much about her Lyme disease. It is possible that she’s saying thanks, as she could be thinking about leaving the show next season. Many thought she was leaving last year to focus on the show.

What do you think of Yolanda Hadid thanking Bravo for giving her the platform to share her journey? Do you think she’s leaving the show next season?

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