Kailyn Lowry And Chelsea Houska In Feud With Jenelle Evans

Kailyn Lowry may be a single mother at the moment to two kids as her husband, Javi Marroquin, is serving with the Air Force, but she still has time to defend her friend. Her co-star, Chelsea Houska, got involved in a Twitter feud yesterday with their shared co-star, Jenelle Evans. Jenelle was furious that Chelsea was launching a website and reaching out to a company to do skincare products — a company that Evans is already working with. Even though Lowry wasn’t involved with this feud, she stuck herself right in the middle to defend Chelsea.

According to a new report, Kailyn Lowry is now standing firm to defend her friend, and she even makes an accusation that Jenelle is copying her. It all happened when Houska announced that she is launching a website. She has previously blogged about beauty and fashion, whereas Kailyn Lowry has blogged about interior design. These girls are clearly following their passions. But Evans wasn’t pleased about the new website, as she just launched her own a month ago. She decided to go on a rant on Twitter, and then deleted the entire thing just hours later.

“Monkey see monkey do…unreal,” Jenelle wrote on Twitter after learning that Chelsea was launching her own site, adding later, “So over this show” with the “peace out” emoji. But if Jenelle is accusing Houska of stealing her website idea, did Evans steal from Kailyn Lowry, who had her website first?

Look what is coming soon! ???? chelseahouska.com

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“They say imitation is the best form of flattery… It’s also flattering when someone thinks you’re copying them. Sorry babe, but no,” Lowry revealed on social media to defend Chelsea, adding to Jenelle, “I’ve had a website for years, does this mean you copied me? #Getoveryourself.”

The drama continued when Jenelle accused Chelsea of reaching out to Johnny Donovan — someone who represents Jenelle in her skincare venture. Since Houska has been working in beauty since fans first met her on 16 & Pregnant, it makes sense that she wants to do a beauty line. But her co-star believes she’s copying her venture. And when Evans’ representative got involved in the Twitter feud, Chelsea decided to fight back — with the support of Kailyn Lowry.

“I’m a licensed esthetician. I’ve been planning on a skincare line since I was in school. You’re not that original,” she revealed. Her dad revealed that the website had taken months to create and complete.

And Kailyn Lowry showed her support by sharing that the web launch will be awesome. Kailyn didn’t offer this support to Jenelle during her web launch just a month ago, and there could be a reason why. Based on tweets that were written by Jenelle and then deleted, it sounds like there’s some tension between her and Kailyn Lowry, according to Starcasm.

Be as picky with your men as you are with your selfies. ????????

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“Want me to call you ladies out I can…stop contacting Johnny to help you ‘throw a huge birthday’… do it yourself. As for Chelsea, she can have her team stop contacting Ny Skin Goddess to start her own line when I’m already working with her. Then you want to waist train two days after having surgery? Lmfao and Chelsea wants to take adderall and get drunk all the time. Lmfao then u want to complain to Johnny that I have you blocked?! Hahaha this is exactly why. Bullying, as always,” Evans wrote on Twitter, tagging Lowry in the tweets.

Kailyn Lowry decided to ignore the tweets for the most part, as she wanted to support her other co-star, who is clearly following her dreams. It sounds like these girls are split once again, as Lowry has clearly picked her side.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry defending Chelsea over her website? Do you think the girls are copying Jenelle, or do you think she’s overreacting?

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