Ben Higgins Admits He Put Fiance Through Hell: Is She Watching ‘The Bachelor’? [Spoilers]

Ben Higgins is trying to find love on The Bachelor 2016, and as it turns out, he did find his true love. Ben has already admitted that he is now engaged, and now Ben is sharing that this has all been hard on his new fiance. Us Magazine got the chance to catch up with Ben Higgins, and he shared how difficult things have been considering that he told both girls at the end that he loved them. If you are watching the show, it is very obvious that Ben has strong feelings for both Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher.

Ben Higgins is down to just two girls now on the show. Ben came clean to his now fiance all about telling the other girl that he loved her too.

Ben revealed, “I’ve had tough conversations. I put her through hell and back.”

A source close to the show shared that it has been a lot for Ben’s fiance to take in.

This is not destroying Ben Higgins relationship with his fiance, though. He revealed that they are working it all out.

“We continue to move forward because we continue to communicate. She’s been supportive and loving, and ultimately we’re going to get through it. We have gotten through it.”

One thing that might be making this easier for them is that Ben Higgins’ fiance is not watching all of the show. That will make it easier if she doesn’t have to see Ben kissing the other girl or telling her how he feels about her. Ben shared that there are moments where she watches the show and thinks it sucks, but she hasn’t been watching all of it. His fiance is smart to shield herself from some of this stuff.

So does Ben Higgins regret telling both of the girls that he loves them? No, he doesn’t at all. Ben actually revealed that he is happy with how it turned out.

“You can go back and regret things, but it put me in a place now where I’m very happy.”

At this time, Ben Higgins hasn’t revealed who he picks in the end. It is down to just JoJo Fletcher and Lauren Bushnell trying to win his heart. In two weeks, viewers will see Ben’s final pick, but Reality Steve has already been able to spoil the winner. Steve has been wrong in the past, but most of the time he is right about who they will pick in the end. He says that Ben will choose Lauren Bushnell and from what Ben says the two are still together and going strong.

As USA Today shared Lauren Bushnell told Ben Higgins that she loved him during their overnight date last week. Lauren told Ben that he was the man of her dreams, but she also admitted she was having some trouble dealing with his relationship with the other women. This has been hard on her, and now she is at home having to watch it all go down. This can’t be easy for Lauren Bushnell, but from what Ben Higgins says, it sounds like they will make it through it all. Only time will tell if they will get married or not.

Are you shocked to hear how hard things have been on Ben Higgins’ fiance? Do you think that they will end up married? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of The Bachelor 2016 on Monday nights on ABC. Next week, you will get to see The Women Tell All special, and then in two weeks, Ben Higgins will propose, and viewers will finally get to see if Reality Steve is right again.

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