‘RHOBH’ Star Eileen Davidson Calls Lisa Vanderpump ‘Dismissive’

Eileen Davidson may be seeing a pattern on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills these days, as she’s learning how to navigate herself through the relationship she has with Lisa Vanderpump. Eileen was shocked when Lisa asked her if they were good after she questioned Lisa’s motives. And when Davidson saw how Lisa was talking to Erika Girardi about the “Lisa’s web” comment, Eileen felt that maybe she doesn’t really know Vanderpump all that well.

According to a new Bravo report, Eileen Davidson is now revealing how she stands with each of the ladies on the show. Davidson hasn’t really been involved with the drama, so she doesn’t understand everything that is going on. So in her blog this week, Davidson reveals her own relationships with the ladies and shares her thoughts after watching Tuesday’s episode.

“I get that Lisa V. wanted to make her point, but Yolanda was obviously not ready to talk about it. Yolanda became emotional. I’m not sure why, but there might have been something else going on for her. Whether it had to do with Lisa V. specifically or not, I’m not sure,” Eileen Davidson reveals after watching Lisa and Yolanda. She hints that Lisa may not be so sensitive to Yolanda’s illness.

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Of course, Davidson has her own issues with Lisa Vanderpump. Eileen doesn’t really want to talk to Lisa about the drama that is happening between them. Whenever Lisa asks her if they are good, Eileen shakes it off. She doesn’t really seem eager to get back on track with Lisa.

“The last time I’d seen Lisa V. was at her house for dinner. When we greeted each other at Wally’s and she asked, ‘Are we good?’ I had flashbacks to last time. But for everyone’s sake, most of all mine, the answer was, ‘Yes, we’re good, Lisa V.!’ I wasn’t upset or expecting anything from her. The awkwardness on my part came from trying to navigate how to have a decent relationship after all the weirdness. I don’t really have friendships not built on clear communication. (Who would have thought, right? Kidding…)” Eileen Davidson explains in her blog.

It sounds like Davidson would prefer to just talk it over and maybe even ignore her own feelings so the drama can be settled. But when Eileen watched last night’s episode, she was shocked to see Vanderpump ask Erika about some comments that were made. Lisa asked Erika why she repeated things that she had said about Kathryn.

“Strangely, in watching Erika and Lisa V.’s interaction, it reminded me of when I tried to be open with Lisa V. She was very dismissive and kept trying to make it seem like Erika was wildly off base. The whole time Lisa V. pretended to be totally in the dark and played naïve. Lisa V. is a lot of things, but naïve is not one of them,” Eileen explains, revealing that maybe Vanderpump does have a strategy when she talks to the ladies so she doesn’t get any dirt on her hands.

This is a theme that has been brought up several times throughout the show. Kyle Richards has previously revealed that being friends with Vanderpump is like playing chess with Bobby Fischer — every move is so calculated. Everything that is said and done is calculated to the point where she doesn’t get any dirt on her hands. And maybe Eileen Davidson is starting to see this pattern for herself and maybe she’s wondering whether her friendship with Lisa is worth it.

What do you think of Eileen Davidson’s relationships with the ladies? Are you surprised that she’s now being very critical of Lisa Vanderpump?

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