Zayn Malik Mad At Louis Tomlinson Over Perrie Edwards? Oh Come On

If you are a fan of Louis Tomlinson, there are surely days when you just shake your head in despair. One Direction star Louis seems to be the subject of stories that get more incredible and ridiculous by the day. It’s not like poor Louis doesn’t have enough on his plate at the moment without some sections of the media inventing the most ridiculous stories about him. If reports are to be believed, Louis is getting into an increasingly difficult custody battle with Briana Jungwirth over little Freddie Tomlinson, and to add to Louis’ woes, he recently lost his beloved grandfather and confidant, Keith Tomlinson.

Frankly, there is enough real news about Louis around for the press to concentrate on without having to make thinly veiled attacks on Tomlinson. Regular Tomlinson watchers will be aware that, after Louis attended the Brit Awards with bandmate Liam Payne last week, he shared a cab to an after party with Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards.

As a result, Daily Mail tried to imply that something other than friendship lay between Louis and Perrie. The U.K. tabloid did not leave it there, however; they sensationalized the whole thing by asking “what would Zayn say?” For those who do not follow every nuance of the ongoing drama that is the life of One Direction, Perrie Edwards was supposedly engaged to Tomlinson’s former bandmate, Zayn Malik.

The implication was clear: Tomlinson was making a move on Edwards, and Malik would not be happy. All that implied on the strength of four people sharing a taxi to a party. What is even more annoying for many of Tomlinson’s fans is the fact that Daily Mail has been one of the chief sources claiming that Louis is “loved up” with Danielle Campbell. Just days before the Mail had claimed that a “loved-up” Louis and Danielle had “put on a tactile display whilst having lunch together at Bristol Farms in Beverly Hills.

It was even mentioned that Louis and Danielle wore matching sunglasses and the same color shoes. It must be love. Sadly it seems that some other outlets are only too keen to jump on the Tomlinson bandwagon. Unreality TV reports that Zayn Malik has sent Tomlinson a series of furious text messages demanding that he stay away from Perrie Edwards. Apparently a source close to the singers told all to Closer magazine.

“Zayn sent Louis a sarcastic message the day after the BRITs saying: ‘Thanks for the loyalty’ and asked him to leave Perrie alone. He feels Louis is taking sides after their split, but Louis doesn’t think he owes Zayn anything.”

Let’s face a few facts: Zayn Malik has no right to preach to anyone about loyalty. Tomlinson and Edwards have always been on friendly terms, and there is absolutely no reason why they should not party together. It seems odd, but friends doing that is not exactly unusual. If Malik wants to talk about loyalty, perhaps he should ask himself how much loyalty he showed to Tomlinson and the rest of One Direction when he walked out on them just a few dates into a world tour.

Malik might also ask himself how loyal he was to Louis and the others when he described One Direction’s music as “generic as f**k” and said that he wouldn’t listen to it.

Of course, the claims that Malik sent Tomlinson “furious texts” are probably as fake as hen’s teeth. It is almost certain that it is a made up story quoting a made up source. Even if the claims were genuine Tomlinson would be perfectly within his rights to tell Malik where to get off.

Tomlinson is a 24-year-old single man. As such, he is entitled to spend time with whomsoever he pleases. Who Louis parties with is none of anyone’s business but his own.

[Photo by John Davisson/Invision/AP]