Justin Bieber Has A Big Heart: The Many Things No One Knows Justin Did Last Year To Help Others

Justin Bieber has a big heart, and even though people are quick to point out his mistakes, how many people are keeping track of all the things he does right? For his birthday, here is a sampling of things this handsome young pop star did right this year. He gives a lot — to his fans, and to those in need all over the world. He’s one of the good guys, despite his cute, bad boy reputation.

Justin Bieber does a lot of charity work, and he doesn’t usually allow cameras around when he does it, but we do have quite a bit of video that combines a lot of different things that Justin does, weekly and daily to help people in need and children who are sick. The Daily Mail reports on a school he is helping in a project with Ellen DeGeneres. This content is just the tip of a very big and very deep iceberg of giving, helping, loving, and supporting that Justin does all the time. Video of Justin’s charity is the exception, not the rule. How much of what he does is never even seen?

Justin Bieber and Naomi Campbell preparing for a charity fashion show. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)
Justin Bieber and Naomi Campbell preparing for a charity fashion show. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Bieber also donates a portion of all his income producing projects to charities. He also donates his time. His work with organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and work within various schools, are record-breaking in scope because he does these things consistently, not just occasionally.

Justin Bieber, this time teaming up with Ryan Seacrest, was able to set a young girl’s life back right after Meningitis robbed her of virtually her whole life for a year. Ashley nearly died, but when she recovered, Justin was there for her, and turned her tough times into a real blessing for her and her family. This is one you need to see to believe. Justin really went the extra mile to make this a fabulous gift, not just some typical fan date.

More details on how Justin Bieber helps out a pastor with a son, named Noah, who has Down syndrome. Bieber goes beyond what anyone would expect with a check for $50,000 to help with expenses.

Justin Bieber meets with a young female burn victim, to encourage her and let her know that she is an inspiration to him. Justin is there for his fans, especially when they are sick, hungry or just down on their luck.

Justin Bieber meets with a tiny little girl with leukemia through Make-A-Wish. He puts on a mini-concert at her local bowling alley just for her and her friends, and spends time talking with these precious little children.

Justin Bieber is the same sweet, charitable person whether cameras are around or not, whether he is planning to help or not, and even when he least expects to be helping someone, he is quick to rush in with a helping hand. Here we see a prime example as Justin rushes to the rescue of a homeless woman after she was injured in a hit and run. This knight in shining armor carried her to get her out of the road, then he and his friends flagged down police and comforted the woman until help arrived. TMZ and other paparazzi caught Justin in the act of being helpful, but he asks them to put the cameras down. Of course, they filmed anyway, and it’s how we are able to see this video.

TMZ catches Bieber doing more work for Pencils of Promise. This time, Bieber is helping to build a school in Guatemala. Of course, this catches TMZ completely by surprise, but it is all just a part of what Justin does all the time.

Justin Bieber does not put this kind of work on display, but rather chooses to do as much in private as possible. It isn’t about publicity at all for him. It is about helping and giving. While he owns his mistakes and admits freely he is not perfect, he does not brag about his many good deeds. What you have seen here is just a small portion of what he has done, this year, for the most part, but he has always been this way, always giving and doing things to help others.

Justin Bieber
Singer Justin Bieber (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]