Will Marco Rubio Drop Out Of The Presidential Race Following Poor Super Tuesday Results?

Marco Rubio has been pushing for Ted Cruz to drop out of the presidential race as he claimed he could take position as the front-runner if only he weren’t having to split votes with Kasich, Carson, and Cruz. Likewise, GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz was pressing Rubio to dropout so that he could take on the business mogul. With Trump dominating the Super Tuesday caucuses, it is clear that for any of the other candidates to have a chance at winning the GOP nomination, all the other candidates need to suspend their campaigns in order to consolidate the votes.

The LA Times reports that Marco Rubio is likely taking a close look at his campaign and chances of victory moving forward after only winning one state in the Super Tuesday caucuses. While Rubio has pushed for Cruz to call it quits, his case is getting harder to sell as Ted Cruz picked up two states, Oklahoma and Texas, in the Super Tuesday caucuses giving him a two-state winning lead over Rubio. With the race heating up, it seems for either Cruz or Rubio to have a chance at beating Trump, they will need to join forces and that means one of them is going to have to step out of the race.

With Trump as the GOP outsider, one would suspect that if Rubio dropped out of the race his supporters would turn to Cruz instead of Trump. Likewise, if Cruz dropped out of the running, his voters are suspected to move to a Rubio ticket. For the Super Tuesday caucuses, if this suggested voter change occurred, Trump could have lost Arkansas, Georgia, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia. If Carson and Kasich votes went to the Rubio or Cruz ballot, the candidate would have had a chance at winning every state in the Super Tuesday caucuses. However, with the votes being split between four candidates, Trump is leading by a landslide in regard to delegates and expected primary results. Therefore, if Cruz or Rubio truly want to see reform, one will have to step up to the plate by stepping out of the race.

Sadly for Cruz and Rubio supporters, it doesn’t seem like either candidate is willing to step out of the race at this time. In fact, Rubio was interviewed late Tuesday night following his poor showing claiming that he is going to be in the race “as long as it takes.”

“We’re going to be in this race as long as it takes. This is going to be a long campaign, and we are NOT going to hand our party over to a dangerous con artist [referring to Trump].”

Unfortunately for those rooting for Rubio, by staying in the race he may be doing exactly that, handing over the race to Trump as votes will continue to remain split between himself and Cruz.

Noting that he plans to stay in the race “as long as it takes” indicates that he has no plans of suspending his campaign and instead says he will push on for Florida, his home state, where he feels a victory in inevitable.

“Two weeks from tonight, right here in Florida, we are going to send a message loud and clear. We are going to send a message that the party of Lincoln and Reagan, and the presidency of the United States, will never be held by a con artist.”

He also thanked Minnesota voters on his campaign Twitter account saying he will see them again during election season, indicating that he will be the GOP candidate and implying he is not and will not be dropping out of the race.

Meanwhile, Ted Cruz is showing no outward signs of calling it quits and has thanked voters in Oklahoma and Texas for showing up at the polls for him.

After winning two states, it will be hard for Cruz to give it up to Rubio who is currently behind him. However, a report from Political Insider suggest that a deal may have been cut behind closed doors between Rubio and Cruz. Roger Stone suggests that Ted Cruz will drop out of the presidential race if Marco Rubio promises to give him a spot on the U.S. Supreme Court. This would mean that Cruz would hold a lifelong position on the top ruling court where he once served as a law clerk.

What do you think about the Super Tuesday results and Marco Rubio’s poor showing? Should Rubio cut his losses and drop out of the race now so that Ted Cruz has a shot at beating Trump? Or do you believe reports that a secret deal was cut in which Cruz has agreed to drop out of the race and support Rubio in exchange for a Supreme Court seat?

[Image by Alan Diaz/ AP Photo]