‘Fuller House’ Fans Start Petition For Season 2

The hit show Fuller House has not officially been renewed for season 2 yet, and fans are not okay with that at all. Everyone is really hopeful that the ratings are great and that a renewal is coming soon. This show just came out last week on Netflix, and Fuller House season 1 was only 13 episodes long. This means that most viewers have already binge watched all of season 1 of Fuller House. The fans of the show can’t wait for news to come out that it was renewed and so they have started a petition asking for Fuller House to be renewed for a second season. This was just recently shared, but the Fuller House petition is getting signatures fast from fans.

The Fuller House petition starts out explaining how much the viewers want another season of this series.

“We all loved Fuller House season 1! We think the cast did a great job and brought so many memories back. Now we want to see more. Let’s get Netflix to give us not only Season 2 but many more.”

The fans of Fuller House are not only signing this growing petition, but they are also commenting about how much they have loved the show. A lot of people would like to see it on regular television and not just on Netflix. The creator of Fuller House, Jeff Franklin, already shared the details of why the show is not on television though, and it doesn’t sound like this is going to change. Jeff actually went to several different networks and pitched the idea, but they were not interested. Now they are probably looking back and realizing they messed up by not wanting to air Fuller House on their network. Netflix really won the lottery by picking it up.

Viewers did love Fuller House, but that is not the only reason that they want a second season of the show. MTV shared that there are a lot of burning questions that fans just didn’t get answered on Fuller House season 1 and they are going to need another season to get these answers. One thing that was never answered was what happened to DJ Fuller’s house. She was looking for a place to live with her boys, but was staying with her dad Danny Tanner. So where did the Fuller house go when her husband passed away?

On season 1 of Fuller House, viewers got to see Danny Tanner’s new wife. The thing is they didn’t give any backstory to it at all. Fans would love to know how Danny met his wife and a bit more about her. The other big question about Fuller House is who DJ Fuller will choose in the end. It was obvious that even though she chose herself, Steve and Matt are not going to give up easy. They are both still very interested in her and with season 2 she will have to eventually make a choice between these two men.

In season 1, Stephanie Tanner couldn’t find love. She was allegedly a curse for her baseball player boyfriend and ended up single once again. Viewers would love to see Stephanie find love and add another guy into the mix. Also you have to find out if Kimmy Gibler decides to stay with Fernando or if he becomes a cheater once again.

Do you think that Fuller House should come back for season 2 on Netflix? Will you be signing the petition to try and get Fuller House to return? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss checking out Fuller House season 1 on Netflix.

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