‘RHOBH’ Kathryn Edwards Responds To Erika Girardi’s Nasty Name Calling

Kathryn Edwards doesn’t like the nasty names that Erika Girardi called her behind her back. In her latest blog post recapping Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kathryn talked about Erika’s reaction upon finding out that she told Lisa Vanderpump about their previous conversation regarding her.

On last week’s episode, Kathryn went to Erika’s house for lunch and an exercise session. During their conversation, Erika asked Kathryn what she thinks of Lisa. Erika gave her own opinion that Lisa’s “a sniper from the side” and “just doesn’t want to leave any fingerprints.” Later, during a dinner party at Lisa’s house, Kathryn told Lisa that Erika spoke badly about her. “She said just to be aware of you. She said don’t let her steer you and don’t get caught in her web,” Kathryn told Lisa.

On the latest episode, Lisa, during a group gathering, confronted Erika about what she said about her. Upon learning that Kathryn told on her, Erika confronted Kathryn. Kathryn told Erika that if she didn’t want what she said about Lisa repeated, she shouldn’t have said it so “it’s on [her].” In her interview, Erika made clear that she was displeased with Kathryn.

“F*****g c**t. Why would she do that to me? I spoke to Katherine in confidence, and that f*****g b***h ratted me out.”

In her blog, Kathryn admitted that it was very hurtful for her to hear Erika call her those names.

“I want to address the names that Erika called me, because it was very upsetting to me. I have never been called those names that I know of, in my life. F—ing c—, f—ing b—h. It really hurt my feelings, it was so mean spirited..I won’t call her names in that manner, ever. There is nothing I could say that would make her look worse than she made herself look…I know she views those words differently than I do, and I take that into consideration but nonetheless, the pain is real.”

In a previous episode, Kathryn told Erika, after she used the word “c**t” in a conversation, that she hates that word and that she should never say it again. Erika said that she found no problem with the word and that she won’t stop using it. In a later episode, Erika even donned a necklace that said “c**t.”

In her blog, Kathryn Edwards also addressed Erika Girardi’s speculation that it wasn’t pure coincidence that Lisa Vanderpump and Kathryn both asked her how long she has been friends with Yolanda Foster within days of one another. Erika, in her interview, voiced her opinion that Lisa was scheming somehow to question her friendship with Yolanda and told Kathryn to ask her that question.

According to Kathryn, it really was just pure coincidence.

“It was 100% percent coincidence that Lisa VDP and I asked Erika how long she has known Yolanda. My reason for the question was that Erika was coming across like a guard dog, and I didn’t understand why she felt the need to protect Yolanda like that.”

Kathryn also voiced her opinion that Erika’s accusation that Lisa’s trying to “discredit” her friendship with Yolanda seems to be unfounded. Kathryn revealed that Lisa actually spoke highly of Erika and her husband, Tom, and was “nothing but compliments” about the dinner that she and Ken Todd had with them. This makes Kathryn wonder where the animosity that Erika seems to have towards Lisa comes from.

“Why would Lisa VDP want to ‘discredit’ the friendship between Erika and Yolanda? For what purpose? Am I the only one that thinks this is a big stretch and has no merit?”

Does Kathryn believe that Yolanda has influenced Erika’s opinion of Lisa? After all, Erika came on the show as Yolanda’s friend and has made clear that she will always take Yolanda’s side. On previous seasons, Yolanda had tension and disagreements with Lisa over Yolanda feeling as if Lisa wasn’t a supportive enough friend. On the current season, Yolanda has accused Lisa of discrediting her children’s Lyme disease.

Kathryn speculated in her blog whether the “tension” between Yolanda and Lisa is somehow related to Lisa’s relationship with Yolanda’s ex-husband.

“I see tension between Yolanda and Lisa Vanderpump. I don’t know what it is, I don’t know what happened. Maybe it’s just the relationship Lisa VDP has with Yolanda’s former husband. Could that be it?”

Lisa has been good friends with Yolanda’s ex-husband, Mohamed Hadid, for years. In previous seasons, Lisa was shown several times having fun with Mohamed. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, after Lisa was shown saying on one episode that Mohamed told her that Bella and Anwar Hadid are fine and that only Yolanda has Lyme disease, Mohamed issued a statement stating that he supports Yolanda and his children “unequivocally” and that his conversation regarding their children was “misconstrued.” On Tuesday night’s episode, Mohamed was shown giving Lisa a small pink horse stable for her miniature ponies.

While Kathryn believes that Erika is “stretching” when it comes to Lisa, she does now admit that she perhaps shouldn’t have told Lisa what Erika said of her the way that she did. On Tuesday night, Kathryn posted an apologetic message.

As for Erika Girardi, she seems unapologetic about having called Kathryn Edwards those nasty names. She also seems to stand by her claim that Lisa Vanderpump had suspect intentions and was trying to discredit her friendship with Yolanda Foster. As that scene aired on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Erika posted a tweet that makes clear that she thinks she came out on top.

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