‘Agent Carter’ Finale Leaves Hayley Atwell ‘Out In Limbo’

Agent Carter just aired its season finale, but was it also a series finale? That’s a question Hayley Atwell is left pondering, as much as the fans of the series. That’s not to say there’s been talk of canceling Agent Carter. Nothing of the kind. In fact, there’s been no talk at all. A decision won’t be made about Agent Carter‘s possible third season until all of the ratings have been tallied.

In the meantime, Atwell will be starring in the pilot for a new ABC series, Conviction. While that may seem to suggest doom for Agent Carter, the network assures Hayley that isn’t necessarily the case.

Hayley Atwell On The Future Of Agent Carter

Many fans have grown concerned that Hayley’s casting in Conviction means ABC has already determined that Agent Carter won’t be getting a third season, but Atwell says that just isn’t the case. The actress revealed that she has had several meetings with network executives who are all committed to working out a compatible schedule, so Hayley can work on Agent Carter and on Conviction.

It’s expected that Conviction will be a limited series, so Atwell will be free to live up to her Agent Carter obligations.

“I don’t know the details of how that would work or when it would happen,” Atwell says. “But they said that in the same sentence when they offered me Conviction which I was very flattered to get.”

The idea of starring in both series seems to appeal to Hayley, as it should, considering she’ll be doubling her screen time. Of course, that all hinges on the decision of whether or not to renew Agent Carter.

“But they also said this doesn’t actually mean anything yet for Agent Carter. So we’re just out in limbo in that respect. All I can do at the moment is just focus on the pilot that I have to start filming two weeks from now and do the best that I can with that. And then I’ll just see what happens and see how people respond to it.”

Atwell Thinks “Hollywood Ending” Is Perfect For A Finale

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The Season 2 finale for Agent Carter was called “Hollywood Ending” and according to Ms. Atwell, there couldn’t have been a more just title. What Hayley really likes about the episode is that it both gives a sense of closure and leaves the door open for another season of Agent Carter.

She says Agent Carter leaves off with just the right cliffhanger, so it would be easy to pick up with a new season. Yet, she adds that the audience wouldn’t be left hanging, should ABC decide against renewing Agent Carter.

“If anything, they’ll come away satisfied but also curious as to what happens beyond, because thanks to all the Marvel films she has appeared in, we know that Peggy’s life goes on and she lives quite an extraordinary life and a long life.”

If Agent Carter does end here, Atwell says she’ll also be satisfied. She says she’s very proud of this past season and, while she would definitely like the opportunity to do more, she could still walk away pleased with the work everyone has done on the show.

Thinking of the future of Peggy Carter, Atwell said that there’s no telling who she ends up marrying. In the series, Peggy and SSR Chief Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) seem to be growing closer, but Hayley suggests that might not mean Sousa is the one Peggy chooses to settle down with in her very long life. The actress adds that Peggy mentions in a scene from Captain America: The Winter Soldier that she ended up marrying someone Captain America once saved.

“So if Sousa and Peggy were to get together, that doesn’t exactly mean they’ll be together forever. It could really go either way.”

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