Little Mix Stalker ‘Cleared’ As They Go Country? Get Weird Tour Making Life Weird?

Little Mix is getting ready for their Get Weird Tour, but things may be getting a little weirder than they first expected.

For example, after feeling terrified for weeks, the verdict came back for the Little Mix stalker — and the decision left Jade Thirlwall feeling unprotected. Mirror writes the following about the reasons that the Little Mix stalker was so urgently trying to get in touch with Jade Thirlwall:

“Geoffrey Forrester, defending, said [Nabeel] Waseem was motivated by his belief that Little Mix deserved better management than Simon Cowell. ‘He cannot plead guilty because he doesn’t accept he has done anything wrong,’ his solicitor said.”

Despite the horrific disappointment of not having justice in a stalker case, Little Mix attempts to move on by trying out new ideas to promote their upcoming tour. For instance, Look reports that Little Mix did a special appearance for Saturday Night Takeaway and chose a country and western style for a new version of their song “Black Magic.”

Little Mix is weird, but their moms love them anyway
Little Mix’s lives may get weird, but they have the support of their mums on the red carpet at the BRIT Awards. (Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images)

Of course, Little Mix could have been trying to stay ahead of the game by going country because the competition is everywhere. Pop Crush points out that one of Little Mix’s biggest competitors is Girls Generation and is asking their fan bases to vote for them.

Regardless, Little Mix has a firmly established group of fans that are champing at the bit to see their Get Weird Tour, and it is not difficult to find an article, like this recent one from Metro, explaining “why Little Mix is the best.”

Among the reasons that put Little Mix on top are “there’s no egos or animosity” and “they’re a brilliant live act.”

However, it can appear that Little Mix might be trying too hard when fans see headlines stating that Perrie Edwards has incurred a burn injury. Are Little Mix already working themselves to the bone and pushing themselves to do all of their own chores on top of being successful pop stars?

The Daily Mail explains that Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards got a burn on her hand from a boiler that exploded in her new home. Despite reports that state it was a “fire,” Wise Geek explains that a boiler typically implies hot water and steam for the purpose of heating a home with radiators. Nevertheless, these assumptions about the Little Mix boiler incident have not been clarified.

Naturally, fans don’t want Perrie Edwards to be badly burned or for Jade Thirlwall to be suffering from anxiety because the Get Weird Tour just got better.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Little Mix recently added Joey Devries to their tour roster, and J-14 now reports another musical act will be joining Little Mix for the Get Weird Tour starting March 13 in Cardiff, U.K. As it appears, JAGMAC will join Little Mix for most of the first leg of their Get Weird Tour up and until March 31.

Little Mix is complimented for their stage performances.
Little Mix and the Mix Men frequently get positive comments from music writers about their stage performances. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

In the meantime, Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik might be in the headlines again, according to the Mirror, because she partied with Little Mix and Louis Tomlinson after the BRIT Awards — but Perrie isn’t going to let that drag her down.

What fueled the fire about the Little Mix singer and Zayn Malik, according to the Mirror, related to an Instagram post from Perrie Edwards stating “if I could go back in time.”

It was instantly assumed that Perrie Edwards must have been talking about Zayn Malik with that caption, but it could also be argued that Perrie Edwards is moving on and focusing on her Little Mix tour instead.

Also, Perrie Edwards and Little Mix will probably be looking the other way about comments made by Yahoo and others stating that Zayn Malik’s latest video has a Perrie “lookalike” because she has moved on from him — and Little Mix likes it that way.

According to Seventeen, Little Mix thinks that Zayn Malik made Perrie Edwards boring and Jesy Nelson said it was bad for tour.

[Picture by Luca Teuchmann/Stringer/Getty Images]