Caila Quinn Says Overnight Date With Ben Higgins Was ‘Intimate,’ Believes He’ll Pick Lauren Bushnell Over JoJo Fletcher

Since her rejection by Ben Higgins aired on Monday night’s episode of The Bachelor, Caila Quinn has given several interviews on her experience with the show and Ben. In one interview with Glamour, Caila talked about her overnight fantasy suite date with Ben. In another interview with Entertainment Tonight, Caila talked about which of the final two women, Lauren Bushnell and JoJo Fletcher, she thinks viewers will see Ben choose on the finale episode. Caila also talked about the possibility of starring on the next The Bachelorette season.

The Glamour reporter asked Caila about the moment when she, after Ben confessed that he couldn’t keep her around any longer and escorted her into her waiting car, got out of the car and asked Ben when he knew that he was going to send her home.”So, did you know this week?” she asked him.

The reporter pointed out that it seemed as if Caila wanted to specifically ask Ben about their overnight fantasy suite date, which took place prior to his overnight dates with Lauren and JoJo. The reporter added that it would be upsetting to know that she and Ben slept together when he already knew that he was going to send her home.

In her answer, Caila didn’t reveal whether she and Ben did sleep together. Yet she did say that they stayed up all night getting to know one another better. She also called it “very intimate.” She added that she didn’t want to question Ben about their overnight date experience at that moment.

“No, it’s OK. I’m not going to tell [if we slept together], but we did stay up all night and got to know each other better, which meant a lot. It was very intimate. No part of me wanted to question him about our overnight, just because…”

Caila explained why she jumped out of the car to ask Ben more questions. Caila does feel as if she got closure from Ben’s answers.

“The first time I went into the car, it was just so awkward how we ended it. It was so cold, and I wanted real Ben. I wanted closure from an intimate answer. And that’s what I got.”

In response to Caila asking him when he knew that their relationship wasn’t going to progress any further, Ben made clear that he didn’t know prior to their overnight date together. He also explained that something was missing from their relationship and that his relationships with the two other women were stronger.

Caila admitted that from watching Ben’s interactions with JoJo and Lauren on the show, Ben’s more comfortable and fun with them than he was with her.

As for who Caila Quinn thinks Ben Higigins will propose to on the Bachelor season finale, which airs in two weeks, she told Entertainment Tonight that she believes that the final woman will be Lauren Bushnell rather than JoJo Fletcher.

“I think he has really strong feelings for both of them, which means he really did fall hard, and he really opened himself to this process. But personally, I think I see a little more of a connection with Lauren B., but you never know. Either way, as long as he’s happy, that’s all that matters.”

Ben confirmed during his Tuesday morning appearance on Good Morning America that he is currently engaged.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, right after Caila was shown being tearfully sent home, she posted a tweet that declared she has no regrets. The Season 19 Bachelor star, Chris Soules, predicted that Caila can wipe her tears because she’ll be the next Bachelorette.

Will Caila get another chance at love via the franchise, perhaps as the star of the next The Bachelorette season as Chris predicts? Caila revealed that she’s open to the opportunity of being the next woman to hand out the red roses.

“It’s definitely a condensed period of time [with] condensed emotions. It’s really exciting. I might do it again, because I did fall in love, and it did work for me. It has worked for so many other people before, and that’s what I really want in life, and so who cares how you meet somebody as long as they’re the right person?”

If Caila Quinn herself doesn’t become the next Bachelorette, she nominates Amanda Stanton, whom Ben Higgins sent home after the hometown dates.

“I love Amanda. She’s a great mom, and she deserves love. So I think she’d be a great person to be the next Bachelorette.”

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]