‘The Walking Dead’: Will Maggie Lose Her Baby In Season 6?

Since The Walking Dead midseason premiere, everyone has been talking about Negan, the Saviors, the Hilltop Colony, and Jesus. But what about the other TWD characters? One character some fans are worried about is Maggie. An international promo for The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12 reveals that some things will happen that could put Maggie and her unborn baby at risk.

Earlier today, FOX uploaded an international sneak peek for The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12. It was quickly removed, but not before tons of TWD fans watched it, thanks to The Spoiling Dead Fans. In case you missed it, the preview showed Carol and Maggie getting into an argument. Carol didn’t think Maggie should be there, and some fans agree, because she is pregnant with Glenn’s baby.

The other spoiler revealed in The Walking Dead international promo is a woman’s voice over an intercom announcing that Carol and Maggie have been captured. Could Maggie and her unborn child be in danger?

Right now, there is a lot going on in The Walking Dead. Even though she is pregnant, Maggie continues to be part of the action. She went to the Hilltop Colony with Jesus and others in Rick’s group. She negotiated with Gregory, even being so bold as to stick her finger in his face. She doesn’t hesitate to take out walkers when she really should be staying somewhere safe until she gives birth.

If Negan and the Saviors do have Carol and Maggie, will Glenn and Maggie’s baby survive? Last week on The Walking Dead, Jesus revealed that when the deal was made with Negan and the Saviors, a teenage boy was beaten to death. There was no reason for it except to drive fear in the residents of the Hilltop Colony. If Negan has Carol and Maggie, he wouldn’t think twice about taking their lives, even if one of them is pregnant.

I don’t think Maggie is going to die this season on The Walking Dead, but whether her baby can survive until she is ready for delivery is something I am concerned about.

When it was rumored last year that Maggie was pregnant on The Walking Dead, many fans weren’t sure of the accuracy of the spoiler. There is already one young child, Rick’s daughter, baby Judith. Can the group really handle trying to protect another innocent baby in the zombie apocalypse? Remember, it’s not just walkers they have to worry about. More concerning are the living people roaming the Earth with less-than-noble intentions.

The added complication in The Walking Dead with Maggie’s pregnancy is that it comes at a really bad time. Negan isn’t like the previous villains the group has dealt with. Negan is in a class of his own, and they have no idea what they are walking into. They think they can handle him, but as one sneak peek teased, is Rick’s group outmatched?

On the other hand, Glenn is rumored to die by Negan in The Walking Dead. If that happens, then Maggie will need something (or someone) to live for. She has already lost everyone else. A baby could be the one thing that saves her.

Just as Hypable pointed out, it was FOX that leaked Carl would lose his eye in The Walking Dead midseason premiere. Apparently, whoever is responsible for posting images and video clips to social media for FOX didn’t learn the first time around. Even though it was deleted from Twitter, thousands of fans (if not more) saw it before it was removed.

What do you think of the theory that Maggie might lose her baby in The Walking Dead Season 6? Do you believe the baby will survive or is the child doomed?

[Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]