Mimi Faust And Stevie J Shot? Mimi’s Instagram Says ‘No Shots Fired At Us…’

Mimi Faust and Stevie J are trending online on the same day that Joseline Hernandez’s NSFW stripper video from 2007 hit the news, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now comes news that Faust and Stevie had escaped a shooting with minor injuries. However, Mimi has taken to her Instagram page to clear up the fact that no shots were fired at Stevie and Mimi. When an Instagram user asked Mimi if she was really the victim of a shooting on March 1, Mimi replied to the Instagram user in a comment that there were no shots fired at her and Stevie.

not shots fired [Image via Instagram/Mimi Faust]Another Instagram user made sure to write their relief over the shooting stories involving Mimi and Stevie J.

“Thank God you’re ok. I hate when social media reports false news. -_-. Have a great day beautiful.”

However, Mimi didn’t call the news reports false. Faust did say that there were no shots fired at “us” — with the “us” presumably meaning Mimi and Stevie, her ex-boyfriend of many years and the father of her daughter. The couple were fan favorites of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality TV show and were loved for their openness. Mimi described what it was like when she first began dating Stevie, and when his then girlfriend, the famous rapper Eve, caught them together. “Do you know who I am?” Eve screamed at Stevie, said Mimi, and afterward, Mimi and Stevie began a 15-year courtship that seemed to implode once the duo gained fame on the reality TV show and invited Joseline into their bedroom. Joseline and Stevie ended up together in their own tumultuous relationship and with their own reality TV show spin-off.


According to the Source, Mimi and Stevie escaped a big shooting at a club and were blessed to live through the ordeal.

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta has a huge following, so news of a massive shooting in downtown Charlotte involving Stevie J and Mimi travels fast online.

Indeed, the Charlotte Observer reports that three men were charged after 40 to 50 shots from an AK-47 rifle happened after traveling to the town for the CIAA tournament. The trio was arrested on Sunday, charged with firing a barrage of bullets at 4:40 a.m. near the Hyatt Place hotel and into two vehicles. No reported injuries occurred after the shooting, nor are Stevie and Mimi’s names mentioned in that report.

However, the Source reports that Stevie might have been in some sort of confrontation that prompted the shooting as Stevie allegedly got into a ruckus with a person in a club who had plenty of cohorts. That’s when people in the club allegedly jumped on Stevie and Mimi.

Allegedly, Stevie J and Mimi escaped the club without getting hit but were followed and fired upon. But Faust’s Instagram comment seems to contradict what other publications are claiming when they wrote that Stevie and Mimi were fired upon in a van and escaped a hail of machine gun bullets.

The reaction to the shooting story has fans like Torrey LevitransCo Williams commenting on Facebook about Mimi and Stevie.

“Stevie J forgot the golden rule. It’s not where you from, it’s where you’re at. You can’t be slick talking to locals in a city that’s far from where you really live. That’s how you make yourself a celebrity out of towner with a target on your back. Ask T.I.”

Overall, fans are happy that Mimi and Stevie J are doing okay after the shooting rumors.


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