Who Won The Super Tuesday 2016 Races? Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton Poised To Lock Up Their Party’s Nominations

Who won the Super Tuesday 2016 races?

With Democrats and Republicans turning out in more than a dozen states, the results show that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are taking huge leaps forward, more than likely locking up their nominations with big wins against their beleaguered opponents.

Tuesday is undoubtedly the most important day so far, with 12 states in total, plus the Democratic contests in American Samoa and for Democrats abroad. Both Democrats and Republicans will be voting in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia. Republicans also have a contest in Alaska, while Democrats vote in Colorado.

The voting will be spread out across the evening, so voters won’t be able to know who won all the Super Tuesday primaries until well into the early morning hours on Wednesday.

[Full Super Tuesday 2016 results can be found below]

Those who want to know who won the 2016 Super Tuesday primaries can find live video here: