Blake Shelton Takes Drinking To New Level With His Own Vodka Brand

Country singer Blake Shelton is taking his drinking to a new level by announcing his own vodka brand. People shared the news that Blake actually announced his new boozy brand called Smithworks. This vodka is made in Forth Smith, Arkansas, and is made from corn from Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. Blake Shelton lives in Oklahoma, when he isn’t busy making country music or being a judge on The Voice. He actually has his own farm in Tishomingo, Oklahoma.


Blake Shelton is really excited about his new vodka line and shared the details today.

“I grew up in Ada, Oklahoma and was raised on the values of hard work, humility and an appreciation for the simple things that make up a good life. As part of the Smithworks family, I’ve been involved in the development of the brand, and I’m excited for everyone to finally taste what we’ve been crafting. At its core, Smithworks celebrates that moments in life are better spent with good people and great drinks.”

Blake Shelton has never been shy about the fact that he is a drinker. This is the first time that Blake Shelton has made his own alcohol, though. This vodka is something that Blake likes to drink with some ginger ale. There is no word yet on if this is the only alcohol that Blake Shelton has plans to make, but if things go well, you never know what he will do next.


Blake shared a few more of the details about Blake’s new vodka that came out today. For now, this vodka by Blake Shelton is in limited markets, and they are not sharing exactly where all you will be able to find it. Smithworks is distilled three times and charcoal filtered for a smooth taste and clean finish. Smithworks has a suggested retail price of $19.99 for a 750 mL. It is also available in 50 mL, 1L, and 1.75L.

Kate Pomeroy, Vice President, Innovation, Pernod Ricard USA, also spoke out about Blake Shelton’s new vodka.

“Smithworks knows that the most meaningful moments in life are often spent with family, friends and great drinks. Blending our expertise in vodka with the passion and pride of our Smithworks plant in Fort Smith, Arkansas, we’re excited to bring consumers a new American vodka.”

People shared that Blake Shelton has been staying very busy besides his new vodka line. Blake spent some time at the Oscars last weekend, and packed on the PDA with his new girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. They hit the Vanity Fair post-Oscar party, and this was their first time on the red carpet together. The two met while filming The Voice and were both going through a divorce at the same time. Everyone was shocked to hear that Blake Shelton was getting a divorce from Miranda Lambert, but both seem to have moved on and are doing just fine now. Someone who saw Blake and Gwen at the party together shared the details.

“They acted like giddy teenagers at a high school dance. They were holding hands the whole night and didn’t leave each other’s sides. I don’t think either of them stopped smiling the entire time they were there.”

Are you surprised to hear that Blake Shelton has his own line of vodka now? Do you think that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have a relationship that will last long-term? Sound off in the comments below, and don’t miss watching Blake Shelton on new episodes of The Voice now airing on NBC.

[Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Smithworks Vodka]