‘Bachelor’ Star Caila Quinn Admits She Was Angry After Fantasy Suite Breakup

Bachelor star Caila Quinn was the latest woman sent home last night, as Ben Higgins narrowed down his journey to two women. Ben told two ladies that he loved them, but Caila was left to pack her bags and leave. And while he decided to send her home because he felt closer to the other ladies, it sounds like Quinn’s breakup was something viewers were shocked about.

According to a new People report, Bachelor star Caila Quinn is now revealing how she truly feels about the breakup. Despite tweeting that she had no regrets as her final episode aired last night, she does reveal that it is tough to move on from such a breakup. And while Caila may not have shown her true feelings on The Bachelor, she admits that she did really love him and care for him. And Bachelor star Caila Quinn decided to open up to Higgins about her feelings to make sure he knew how she felt before making his next decision.

“There are different stages of grief,” Quinn has revealed to the magazine about moving on after being dumped on national television, adding, “The first one that hit me was anger. I felt like Ben was kind of rehearsed, and I just wanted him to be real with me.”

But after watching The Bachelor along with the rest of the world, Caila Quinn admits that she can see how the other relationships may be progressing much faster than her own. Plus, Quinn gets to hear how Ben sees her and how he feels about their relationship, even though she had no idea how he felt while they were filming.

“I can see how his relationship progressed with the other women, so that made it easier for me to understand,” Bachelor star Caila Quinn explains after watching the show, adding, “That doesn’t mean it wasn’t hard. But I do see that Ben is happy and I don’t want to live in the past.”

It has been months since Caila Quinn filmed The Bachelor with Ben Higgins, and she has spent a few months trying to get over her experience. Of course, she will have to relive some of the experiences through the Women Tell All special, and maybe she will watch the finale proposal. It seems like she’s very happy with the way things turned out, as she can see that Higgins has a truly feelings for Jojo and Lauren B.

“I’m really happy for [final two contestants] JoJo and Lauren,” the Bachelor star explains, adding, “They fell hard for Ben and he opened up with them. I want to find someone who feels that passionately about me that he can’t help but tell me how he feels. That will happen one day!”

Even though Caila Quinn was dumped on national television, she seems to be doing alright. But some people were not happy with the way Ben Higgins broke things off on The Bachelor. According to Hollywood Life, some people are questioning how he couldn’t have known that he didn’t love her. Maybe Higgins was just hoping that something would happen with her after their Fantasy Suite date. Maybe he was hoping that things would automatically work out with his feelings if Jojo’s one-on-one date didn’t turn out the way he wanted it to be. While Caila Quinn was super stoked about seeing Higgins, he was planning on breaking up with her. It was heartbreaking to watch, and people are now slamming him for taking her to the Fantasy Suite, knowing he didn’t love her.

What do you think of Caila Quinn’s comments about the Bachelor breakup that shocked the nation? Are you surprised that she’s so positive considering she had her heart broken on the show?

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