iPhone Google Maps App Gets Something Samsung Galaxy S And Note Devices Don’t Have

Those who have the iPhone might want to update their Google Maps app. BGR explains why.

“Google added 3D Touch features to Google Maps in version 4.16.0, which lets you quickly get directions to work and home with a firm press on the app’s icon. That means you don’t have to open the app and manually set directions for your next destination, whether it’s a saved location or not.”

BGR adds that while these are just simple shortcuts and not a game-changer for the Google Maps experience, this is only the beginning. As 3D Touch evolves on Apple, there will likely be even more advantages. Still, some of the Samsung and Android fans after the article aren’t very impressed.

“This ‘shortcut’ isn’t even required for Android users as that information is provided automatically in Google Now or as a notification. Sorry Android haters, no force touch required here, you got fooled again by this site!” exclaims commenter “thereasoner.”

“3D Touch isn’t evolving, it is what it is, a few shortcuts here and there,” claims “Be Together, Not the Same!”

Still, iPhone users are excited about the new Google Maps feature.


The 3D Touch feature isn’t the only thing new on the iPhone’s Google Maps app. The Independent has the news.

“The ‘pit stop’ feature on Google Maps has finally arrived on the iOS version of the app. The tool allows users to search for places to stop while still in navigation mode.”

The article adds that at a click of the magnifying glass button, the user can choose to see the locations of gas stations, restaurants, and other types of businesses on their route. This feature, however, has been on Samsung and other Android phones for a long time.

Using the iPhone as a GPS has become a great pleasure. Apple wants you to forget that in 2012, it replaced the Google Maps App with Apple Maps. The Guardian described why the app was such as disaster.

“Although the update has brought voice-driven turn-by-turn navigation, users have complained that the new maps, which replace Google’s – in use on the iPhone since 2007 – lack accuracy, clarity and detail.”

Tim Cook iPhone 5 When Tim Cook introduced the iPhone 5 with Apple Maps in 2012, he had no idea how much of a backlash there would be. [Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images]The article adds that in response, Apple said the new map service was a major initiative and it was just the beginning. Unfortunately for Apple, it was just the beginning of the end for Apple Maps and led to one of the biggest PR disasters ever for the Cupertino company.

In December of 2012, Google put Google Maps back on the iPhone in its own app. During that year, Apple suffered low sales for the iPhone 5, and it was believed the Apple Maps backlash led to declining profits. The Samsung Galaxy S3 outsold the iPhone 5 by far that year.

Do you have an iPhone? What is your favorite feature on Google Maps? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]