‘Blade & Soul’ Update Introduces The Warlock Class, Kicks Off Leveling Event

Warlocks wielding talismans and summoning Thralls will come to Blade & Soul with the “Unchained” update on March 2. The medium-range damage dealer class addition is the highlight of the update, but the patch includes much more. The final floor of Mushin’s Tower, the Naryu Labyrinth, and a few other changes are coming to Blade & Soul, alongside a leveling challenge event to celebrate the Warlock’s release.

With a new class and another character slot unlocking with the “Unchained” update, Blade & Soul developers are encouraging players to level up during the month of March. New characters, and those that are level 10 or under when “Unchained” launches, can take part in the leveling challenge event. During this event, characters simply level to the maximum level of 45 to be eligible for special rewards. The deadline is the March 23 maintenance, and successful players will receive an upgrade bundle full of non-tradable goodies.


The upgrade bundle includes 30 Warrior’s Token, 20 Siren’s Emblems, 20 Pirate’s Emblems, 15 Hongmoon Unsealing Charms, 10 Naryu Silver, five Elements of Luck, and five Lucky Jewels. Additionally, players that reach 45 in the allotted time will also receive a Temptation costume, as seen on the official site. The upgrade bundle can only be earned once during the event, but players will receive a Temptation costume for each character they level to 45 during the event. It is important to note that the rewards from the event are sent to player’s Received Items tab, where any character on the account can claim it. Rewards will be distributed each week after maintenance on Thursday. If a character reaches 45 on a Tuesday, for instance, that account will receive the rewards on the following Thursday.

Blade & Soul Blade & Soul features a Summoner class with a pet cat [Image via NCSoft]Players can check out the “Unchained” patch notes right now in preparation of the update’s release tomorrow. Of course, overviews for the Blade & Soul Warlock and the new max-level content are included, but a brief set of patch notes is also included. Changes and additions include the removal of the Heroic option in the Loot Auction Grade party option, new achievements for the new max-level content, updated loading screens, and more. Lockouts on names changed with a Name Change Voucher, the removal of the Megaphone interface, and other changes are also present. However, any class changes that should accompany the Warlock’s release are not in the “Unchained” update. Class balancing will take place in a later update.

Blade & Soul, the martial arts MMO from NCSoft, released in the west on January 19, and later that week, more servers had to open to meet player demand. By February, less than three weeks after its release, NCSoft announced that over two million players had tried the free-to-play game. The title is rapidly updating, with content already available in its eastern version, including features like the Warlock class coming on March 2. Most recently, the western version of the game updated with the Currency Exchange, offering players a chance to trade real money for gold or sell their extra gold for Hongmoon Coins. As the Inquisitr reported, these coins can be used in the Hongmoon Store to buy select items that would otherwise cost real money.

Blade & Soul Players traverse the world in unique ways [Image via NCSoft]Players can support the free-to-play MMORPG by purchasing NCoin to use in the Hongmoon Store. An optional subscription, called Premium Membership, is also available for those looking for a little month-to-month convenience. The subscription includes bonus gold earned, bonus experience earned, cheaper marketplace listings, more marketplace slots, and much more. Premium Membership also includes the ability to deposit into the Wardrobe system, faster Chi recovery, and lower Windstride cooldowns. All of which are dependent on the level of Premium Membership of the account. A subscription gets stronger with each time a player spends money on the game.

[Image via NCSoft]