Lady Gaga’s Oscar Performance Convinces Jade Roper Of ‘The Bachelor’ To Reveal Rape As Teenager

Jade Roper of The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise is now revealing something about her past that her fans didn’t know. Jade actually went to her blog, Burn Bright Love, to share the details of a rape that happened to her back when she was just a teenager. Jade talked about how she sat down with her husband, Tanner Tolbert, to watch the Oscars, and on the show, they saw Lady Gaga’s performance of her song “Til It Happens to You.”


Jade Roper went on to explain that she has been sexually assaulted and that not even her entire family knows about it. Before this post, Jade had only told a few people about this incident. Jade was raped not long before her 17th birthday. Jade admits to having problems at home as a teenager and partying to get away from it all. One night, Jade Roper was at a party, and her friends left her behind with a group of guys that they were also friends with at the time. What happened to Jade that night forever changed her life.

This was an awful night for Jade Roper, and she didn’t go into all the details. She went with them to one of the guys parents’ house, and Jade shared what happened next.

“I’m not going to go into detail, but I remember it getting late and I needed to be home for my curfew. I remember one guy holding me down while another got on top of me. I remember them driving me home and my parents were gone, driving around town looking for me. When my parents got home, my dad said he found me in my room on the floor in my underwear, mumbling to him I wasn’t innocent anymore. I was a virgin.”

The next day, Jade Roper was covered in bruises and found blood down her jeans. When she called one of the guys who was there, he denied anything even happened to her. Jade never even opened up to her parents about what happened. Jade Roper went on to explain that she actually blamed herself for it.

“I convinced myself I must have deserved it. That this bad thing happened to me because of something I had done. That I wasn’t worth being loved. That I wasn’t worth having sex for the first time with someone who cared about me. All the hurt and the anger I had towards the boys that assaulted me, I took out on myself. I destroyed myself with harmful words and internalized all my emotions. I became depressed, anxious, and self loathing. I contemplated hurting myself several times. I learned to bury everything so I could try and move on.”


CNN shared that Lady Gaga actually brought the crowd to tears with her big performance at the Oscars. A group of survivors came on stage at the end of her performance and revealed words on their forearms such as “Survivor,” “You Are Love,” “Unbreakable,” and “Not Your Fault.” They all joined hands at the end and the audience had tears in their eyes, including Kate Winslet and Rachel McAdams.

Are you shocked to hear about Jade Roper’s sexual assault? Hopefully, the fact that Jade is speaking out will help other girls to be brave enough to come forward when something happens to them.

[Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images for American Humane Association]