Vicki Gunvalson Says ‘RHOC’ Ratings Weren’t Important To Her Last Year

Vicki Gunvalson is back on The Real Housewives of Orange County, and fans are curious to see how this next season will unfold. Vicki wasn’t exactly the most popular housewife last season, as she admitted to fabricating some stories about Brooks Ayers and his cancer stories. Gunvalson really wanted to forget the drama from last season, but it sounds like people are still talking about her crazy life.

According to a new tweet, Vicki Gunvalson is now revealing that she didn’t do anything crazy to increase the ratings last year. In fact, she hints that the crazy plot of the show last year had nothing to do with her desire to be a successful reality star. Vicki didn’t really care if the reality show flopped, as she was dealing with the loss of her mother and her failing relationship to Brooks Ayers.

“Debra Messing, you go girl. Give Vicki Gunvalson and Lisa Vanderpump hell. Everyone knows Vicki does anything for ratings #TeamDebra,” one person wrote after watching Debra’s interview with Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live. But Vicki doesn’t see it that way. In fact, she claims she didn’t care one bit about the ratings last season.

“Ratings was the last thing I was thinking about while going through what I did. Not true at all,” Vicki Gunvalson revealed on Twitter, and one person added in support, “I love how people try to think they know someone just bc they have seen them on tv.”

Of course, Debra Messing only offered her opinion, which is one that many people have. She feels that Vicki Gunvalson may have lied to protect herself, and Debra doesn’t understand how someone can date someone and not know if they are lying about having cancer. And this is something that many viewers are wondering about.

Plus, Gunvalson ended the season with very few friends. Shannon Beador felt completely betrayed by Vicki, who had told her brother and his girlfriend about Beador’s marital troubles. Shannon had learned that her husband had cheated on her, and she thought she could count on Vicki for support and loyalty. But Vicki still doesn’t think that she did anything wrong in their friendship and she’s confused about why things are crazy.

“I don’t know how or why the season ended the way it did, but all I want to share with you at this time is my perspective and what I went through this year AFTER the death of my mother. The constant subject line of Brooks’ cancer, his choice of treatment, and if he was ‘faking’ it or not has gotten out of control,” Vicki Gunvalson wrote in her last blog for Bravo last year.

Last year when the season ended, Vicki Gunvalson doesn’t think that Brooks Ayers faked cancer. She strongly believes that he is sick. She does think he lied about medical documents, but she doesn’t feel that the evidence is completely overwhelming.

“My stance is I do not believe he faked cancer, as there are way too many people involved, way too many doctor visits and way too many doctor reports which would be very difficult to falsify. As I said at the reunion, I didn’t have enough information that he does have cancer, and I didn’t have enough information that he doesn’t. Brooks became very private with his health information the last few months of our relationship, which made it difficult for me to discuss this with him,” Gunvalson adds.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson’s thoughts that she didn’t fake drama for the sake of ratings? Will you be watching this upcoming season of the show?

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