Megyn Kelly Plans To Hit Donald Trump With Questions He Ducked In Last Debate

Fox News‘ Megyn Kelly won’t go easy on Donald Trump in the next debate coming up this week. Whatever she has in store for the GOP presidential candidate, it’s expected to be worth watching.

Extra had a chance to ask Megyn at a Vanity Fair Oscar Party on Sunday what’s ahead for Thursday’s Republican debate in Detroit.

“Tuesday night is Super Tuesday, Wednesday I leave for Detroit, Thursday night we anchor the Republican debate in Detroit,” she said, adding, “It’s going to be a whirlwind.”

Trump managed to duck Kelly’s questions in the last debate she anchored, because he wasn’t there. If he thought in any way that his absence made him exempt from the questions she was going to present, he’s sadly mistaken.

“I have my questions that I wanted to ask him at the last debate and I just moved them right over to this debate, so that’s my plan,” Kelly said. “Those that were wanting to see what I would ask him in Iowa, tune in Thursday.”

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly have been in an ongoing feud that has simmered down quite a bit. In one of Trump’s last tweets about Megyn, he referred to her as a “bimbo.”

None of this has rattled Megyn.

“There’s never been a race like this one, and whatever you say about Donald Trump, he has made this a fascinating race to cover — he is a gift to media in terms of covering this news story,” Kelly added. “Having said that, he is a very controversial figure.”

Megyn thinks the biggest challenge for Trump at this point in the race is “reigning in the remainder of the Republican party, those people that feel very alienated by him, if he secures this thing, I don’t think you can completely rule out Rubio and Cruz — or Kasich, for that matter. I think Carson has a nonexistent path at this point, though he’s a charming man.”

Salon recapped what aired on The Kelly File Monday night, when Megyn interviewed Donald Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson. She was drilled about that question Jake Tapper asked Trump in regards to David Duke, who was a leader in the KKK, endorsing him. Pierson maintains that Trump had a bad earpiece, and didn’t quite hear what Tapper said.

“Why didn’t Trump just ask Tapper to repeat the question instead of barreling ahead with a canned answer?” or “If he doesn’t quite understand what Vladimir Putin is saying, will he ask the Russian president to repeat himself or throw America into a nuclear conflict over a simple misunderstanding?”

“I have to agree with your colleague Bill O’Reilly about this, that it’s a ‘non-issue,’ ” Pierson responded to Kelly.

“With all due respect to Bill,” Kelly shot back, “he doesn’t get to decide that — the voters do.”

Megyn Kelly said she listened to the tape when Tapper asked Trump if he’d “unequivocally condemn David Duke” by saying he “doesn’t want his vote, or that of other white supremacists in this election?”

Kelly clarified that Donald Trump responded by saying he didn’t know “anything about David Duke” and that he didn’t know what he was “talking about with white supremacists.”

Since Trump was able to repeat back what Tapper asked him in that question, Kelly suggested Trump was lying when he said he had a faulty earpiece.

Whatever Kelly asks Trump Thursday night, some fiery moments will be seen. Just the fact the two have sparred in the media will hold people’s interests alone. It’ll be interesting to see what questions Megyn Kelly has up her sleeve for Donald Trump at this debate.

[Photo by AP Photo/John Minchillo, File]