‘Missing’ Woman Says She Was Drugged On New Orleans Vacation

A missing woman has been found safe, but she says that she may have been drugged. WGNO News reports that 30-year-old Jessica McQuate went missing earlier this month while vacationing near the French Quarter with her fiance. The search for her only lasted a handful of days and ended on a very fortunate note. However, if what McQuate says is true, could other women be in danger in New Orleans?

WGNO News reported on McQuate’s disappearance shortly after NOPD authorities requested help from the public in locating her. The 30-year-old missing woman had last been seen on February 23 walking down Bourbon Street. At this point, she seemed to simply vanish without a trace. That was until authorities in New Orleans received a phone call from the missing woman, who safely returned to the motel room she had been sharing with her boyfriend. She had been missing for approximately a week.

Jessica McQuate told police that she had no recollection of what may have happened to her over the course of the week she had been missing. She told them that she believes that she was drugged somehow. If she remembered any other circumstances surrounding her brief disappearance, reports have not published them. However, authorities say that she has reported her possessions stolen. She claims that someone stole her engagement ring, credit cards, cash, and other belongings.

This is far from the only time someone has mysteriously disappeared in New Orleans, only to reappear just as strangely as they vanished. In 2013, a woman named Jessica Janai Pratt disappeared while vacationing in the area. Her disappearance sparked a high-profile search that attracted media attention across the United States. Days after she disappeared, Pratt walked into a police station in New Orleans and showed them that she was no longer missing. She was reportedly “safe and in good health,” but the circumstances of her disappearance remain a mystery. Folks on social media expressed their confusion about this case in large numbers.


Hopefully, investigators can get to the bottom of what may have happened to missing woman Jessica McQuate. If she was indeed drugged over the course of the past week, authorities will need to get to the bottom of this and find out if other people in the area are in danger.

Authorities with the New Orleans Police Department are conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Jessica McQuate’s disappearance. If you think you may have any information that could prove useful to investigators, please call (504) 821-2222. Do you think this once-missing woman was drugged by predators who may be roaming the streets of New Orleans? Or do you think there could be something else behind the brief disappearance of Jessica McQuate?

[Image via New Orleans Police Department]