Liam Payne Of One Direction Reveals Three Month Romance With ‘X-Factor’ Judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini: Fans Are Furious

Liam Payne, One Direction heartthrob, has opened up about his tryst with Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, much to the disdain of his young fans. Actually, it seems young girls went on the Twitter warpath immediately upon hearing the news, spewing undiluted verbal venom at the X-Factor judge. What could have spawned such a backlash?

Liam Payne has alerted the public using Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. There are videos below explaining the entire situation. No doubt this is really happening, girls. One Direction’s Liam is with a woman a decade his senior. The only real question is how deep and how long. Exactly how much of an impression will Cheryl make on Liam, and how long might the relationship last?

Liam Payne leaves no doubt he is more than slightly involved with this woman, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini. In fact, he’s revealed that they have been together for three months, are apparently sharing a bed, and of course they have known each other since Liam Payne was 14. What? Back up here? Yes, perhaps that is part of the problem fans have with her. She’s 10 years older than Payne, and met him as a judge on X-Factor. Crush turned romance, almost a decade later. Maybe fans don’t think that is healthy? They think it may give this smiling songstress the upper hand in any long term relationship? Do fans believe this woman could fruther destabilize One Direction? Does anyone think fans are being that logical?

Cheryl Fernandez Versini Cheryl Fernandez-Versini [Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images]The potty mouth over Liam Payne of One Direction hardly needs to be repeated here, but suffice it to say, gender-based hate speech, name calling, death threats, and the like are pouring into Twitter, according to the Mirror. Cheryl explained her sudden plunge in popularity, posting it on Twitter, if only for a moment before deleting. Fans, however, caught the post, no doubt seeing it as a taunt and becoming even more enraged.

“When People hate on you, it’s because you’ve got something they want… All love Good… vibes only.”

Those were the words she used, anyway. Cheryl Fernandez-Versini also included an explosion of emoticons that seemed more uncomfortable and desperate than effective. She wants to make peace, but that might take a while for militant Liam fans.

Recording artist Liam Payne of One Direction performs onstage (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia) Recording artist Liam Payne of One Direction performs onstage [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]Liam Payne of One Direction, however, is not a homewrecker, and Cheryl was getting out of her most recent and short marriage before hooking up with Payne. The 2014 marriage was over long before December, 2015, when Liam established a relationship with his boyhood crush, according to the Daily Mail. Gossip journalists may have a bit to celebrate, though. Cheryl will soon drop her married name, an unwieldy moniker by any standard, and go back to being Cheryl Cole, or perhaps use her maiden name, Tweedy. Either would be a welcome change that might improve her image with fans. At least those choices sound less pretentious and are not a reminder of her tendency toward short, explosive marriages.

Is Liam Payne really drinking the Kool-aid? The Independent thinks not, seeing the relationship as all about publicity and ratings. Still, having that rose tattoo on his hand is a permanent reminder, and gives him some “skin in the game,” so to speak. Speaking of skin, Cheryl’s extremely large tattoo on her backside, as seen in the video above, certainly takes up some square footage on her behind. Whatever you may think of Cheryl, she apparently has an amazing threshold of pain, or that tattoo would have remained half done, at best. That’s bound to have hurt. Fans angry with Cheryl can at least take some comfort in that fact.

Liam Payne, of One Direction, for whatever reason, has announced a romantic relationship with X-Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, soon to be Cheryl Cole, or Cheryl Tweedy.

[Photo by Luca Teuchmann/Getty Images]