Lisa Vanderpump Is Proud Of Katie Maloney On ‘Pump Rules’ Confrontation

Lisa Vanderpump may not be involved with all of the drama with her employees on Vanderpump Rules, but she does understand the painful break between Katie Maloney and Stassi Schroeder. Stassi walked out on her friendship with Katie, and Lisa was shocked when she also quit working for her at SUR. Many people were hurt by her betrayal, but they were not exactly eager to forgive her when she came back on the show this year.

According to a new Bravo report, Lisa Vanderpump is very proud of how Katie handled everything with Stassi. Clearly, Maloney is still angry and hurt by the way things ended with Stassi, so she wanted to surprise her former friend and catch her off guard. She wanted to see a genuine side of her former friend and not get a planned speech thrown in her face.

“I see a glimpse of sincerity when you see Stassi’s reaction because she’s taken off guard by the arrival of Katie. I think Katie’s plan was ultimately a good one. It’s not one that I recommended, but I think, actually, she was right with her tactic,” Lisa Vanderpump reveals in her blog, adding, “I’m proud of the way Katie stood up to Stassi. She held her ground, but she kept her heart opened. I think she forgave her, that’s good. The hug, uhhh, I don’t know. I would’ve held out a little longer for that one.”

Vanderpump admitted that she didn’t quite understand Katie’s plan to surprise Stassi and catch her off guard. She would rather go for a planned sit-down session, where they could talk about their troubles away from everyone. But as the episode unfolded, Lisa Vanderpump understands why Maloney chose to do it this way.

Plus, Lisa may have been shocked to read the text messages that Katie sent to Tom Schwartz during a fight they had. Even Tom knew that it was just the alcohol talking, but he admitted that it was still very hurtful to hear those words. And Lisa Vanderpump knows that Katie was just “tequila drunk” and it wasn’t something she meant. Lisa knows both of them, and she realizes that their relationship isn’t perfect.

“I love Katie and Schwartz, make no mistake about that, they’re two wonderful people that are very close to my heart, and, ultimately, I want their relationship to really flourish. Katie and Schwartz are actually having a productive conversation. You take the tequila out of the mix, and there you have it, they’re making headway,” Lisa reveals, adding, “A year ago, this would’ve ended up in name calling and Schwartzy on the couch. There’s hope for these two, I think they’re actually finally growing up.”

The confrontation between Katie and Stassi was one that many people, including Lisa, had been waiting for. And many had hoped that it would be aired on Vanderpump Rules. And according to Us Weekly, it was a confrontation that didn’t go as smoothly as Schroeder had hoped.

“No s–t because your friendships are fluff with people,” Maloney fired back after Stassi gave her an apology on last night’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, according to Us Weekly. “I don’t think friends are disposable, period, or people are disposable or anything, and especially me. I’m sorry, but I was a f–king amazing friend to you.”

“That’s great, but too little, too late,” Maloney continues when Schroeder continues, adding, “I’ve got obviously amazing people in my life. You know, I just wouldn’t have time to go through that again. I would be a damn fool.”

Do you agree with Lisa Vanderpump that the confrontation may not have been the best solution? Do you think a sit-down, as suggested by Vanderpump, would have been better?

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