‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Will Negan Show Up In Season 6, Episode 12, ‘Not Tomorrow Yet’?

Season 6 of The Walking Dead is just weeks away from the finale, and we know Negan will make a huge impact during that episode, but will he show up on screen sooner? There has been so much mystery about Negan that fans have heard about him and the casting choice of Jeffrey Dean Morgan since Season 5, but still haven’t met the biggest bad guy to come face-to-face with Rick and the survivors. Now, there is talk that Negan could show up as early as this Sunday in Season 6, Episode 12, titled “Not Tomorrow Yet.”

We found out last week that the Hilltop colony has been dealing with Negan and the Saviors for some time now. All they want is to get rid of the man who has been terrorizing their survivors. The Hilltop colony also has a lot of resources that Alexandria does not have. The Hilltop colony leader, Gregory, isn’t a very nice man, and refuses to trade with Alexandria, even though they have the guns and ammunition that his group is lacking.

Maggie is able to reason with Gregory, or rather he ends up with very little choice. In any case, the Hilltop colony will trade with Alexandria, but they have to kill Negan for the good of everyone. Daryl says that should be no sweat, because Negan is a bluffer. Based on his run-in with the small piece of the Saviors, we can see how he gets that impression, but it’s pretty clear that Negan is a bloodthirsty tyrant, and he is barely bluffing.

As it stands, we expect Negan to make his entrance in the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead, but he might appear much sooner. With just 4 episodes to go, fans of TWD are clamoring for a Negan sighting, even though his arrival means death for many, and some fear that Daryl or Glenn might become one of his victims.

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple talked to the Wrap and, based on what he said, it looks like Negan will be in “Not Tomorrow Yet.” Gimple criticized the current spoilers, saying they have the actual date of Negan’s arrival all wrong. “There have been articles pinpointing exactly when Negan shows up,” Gimple said, “and that’s a bit disappointing because they may not be entirely true. There’s kind of a build up. But you might even see him next episode. Absolutely. Well, sort of. Well, definitely. Well, maybe. Maybe not. But possibly.”

Moviepilot went more in-depth with spoilers for the next episode of The Walking Dead. Naturally, Rick and the survivors are getting impatient to meet this Negan guy. They did make a deal with The Hilltop and Gregory to trade Negan’s death for half of their supplies. In the past, Rick and his group have been able to take out whoever is in their way, even the Governor, whose tyranny ended up running them out of the prison.

There is some talk that Negan’s appearance may be just a tease. Is it possible that he won’t actually be in the episode at all? We’re guessing that Gimple wouldn’t throw fans off that badly, because then they won’t trust his information in the future. What if Negan just shows up in the shadows, or if we just hear his voice? Gimple doesn’t seem too sure of his arrival, and we can’t tell if he is teasing about Negan or if his impact on The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 12 is minimal. Given the violence of “Knots Untie,” as well as the typical pattern of having a less intense episode after one with many deaths, we’re betting “Not Tomorrow Yet” is going to be more preparation and less action as Rick, Daryl, and the rest of the survivors prepare to kill Negan.

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