‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Shocking Double Kidnapping Coming?

Days of Our Lives spoilers for upcoming episodes reveal that there could be a scary and shocking double kidnapping coming in the near future.

According to Movie News Guide, there is a chance that one of Salem’s youngest residents along with one of the show’s most beloved characters could find themselves in serious danger. The report suggests that Marlena and her great-granddaughter Arianna could be kidnapped!

It looks like March could be a month of chaos on Days of Our Lives. If Marlena and/or Arianna are kidnapped, it seems likely that more than a few people will spring into action to find them. Of course, John Black, Marlena’s longtime love, will want to find “Doc” immediately, along with her ex-husband and police commissioner Roman Brady and her children as well. Arianna’s mother, Gabi, will obviously be worried sick about her young daughter, and her boyfriend, JJ Deveraux, a new police officer, will probably go all out looking for the darling child. Gabi’s brother Rafe, a detective, will also likely do all he can to find his niece.

Days of Our Lives Gabi and Arianna.
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The report suggests that John Black will feel guilty over the kidnapping, which means there could be some connection to him. Days of Our Lives fans know that John’s past has recently come back to haunt him again and that there are people who want to hurt him, and they surely could resort to kidnapping his family members. Rafe and Gabi’s father, Eduardo, also has connections to the people who are after John and will probably do much of the dirty work beside Mr. Black to help get his granddaughter back.

Meanwhile, Days of Our Lives viewers will have a lot more drama to look forward to during the month. Abigail Deveraux’s worst nightmare will come true as her fiance, Chad DiMera, will learn that her ex-boyfriend and former captor Ben Weston has escaped from the mental hospital he’s been in, and it seems likely that Ben would want to come after Abigail and her son, Thomas, whom he still believes to be his child. Will Ben turn over a new leaf, or will Chad and Abby be forced to fight him face to face yet again in order to save their own lives and the life of their son?

Days of Our Lives: Kayla, Steve, and Joey.
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Days of Our Lives fans will also see Steve and Kayla scramble to save their son, Joey, who killed Ava Vitali. Ava, who has been a huge source of heartbreak and grief for Steve’s family for years, really got under Joey’s skin, and the teenager lost his mind over her plotting ways and felt like he had to take her out once and for all. Of course, this looks bad for the entire family because they all hated Ava, and Kayla has been seen threatening the woman who recently slept with her husband. Could Kayla catch the blame for Joey’s big mistake and end up behind bars?

Hope and Rafe will also be struggling this month on Days of Our Lives. Hope will realize that she murdered Stefano for all the wrong reasons. Although Stefano DiMera has hurt her family many times in the past, Hope shot and killed him after believing that he was the one who held her late husband, Bo Brady, captive, eventually costing him his life. However, it looks like Deimos could be to blame for Bo’s kidnapping and tragic death.

Hope’s daughter, Ciara, is also going through a very tough time after being raped by her step-brother, Chase Jennings. It looks like nobody in Salem is happy at the moment, and the doom and gloom will only get worse.

What are your thoughts on the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers for March?

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