‘Arrow’ Stars Emily Bett Rickards And Stephen Amell On The End Of Olicity

After Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) kidnapped Oliver’s son, William (Jack Moore), in last week’s episode of Arrow, it seemed as if the stakes surrounding the emerald archer couldn’t possibly get any higher. And after the brutal kidnapping, it also seemed that Oliver (Stephen Amell) would have no choice but to finally let his fiancé, Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards), in on his secret.

But for many fans, letting the cat out of the bag, and in this case Oliver’s secret son, meant a disastrous ending of the relationship between Oliver and Felicity. While some viewers never liked the fact that Oliver has kept his son a secret from Felicity for so long, states Variety, the wait is over.

While the exact repercussions of Oliver’s secret have yet to fully develop, we did see Felicity give back her engagement ring to Oliver, due to the fact that she felt he didn’t trust her. Stephen Amell explained that he and Rickards tried to shelf the immediate emotional reactions to finding out that he has a son, since everyone’s main priority was finding William and bringing him home safely.

Will Oliver and Felicity be able to repair their broken relationship? [Image via The CW]
Will Oliver and Felicity be able to repair their broken relationship? [Image via The CW]

“This information, it’s unfortunate — obviously, it’s a secret that Oliver has kept from Felicity. Whether it was right of him to keep the secret or wrong of him to keep the secret, there are more important factors in play once they find out that a child has been abducted — any child, let alone Oliver’s son,” Amell said, reports Variety. “So, we just wanted to deal with it in a very adult manner, and that involves kind of shelving the issues as they pertain to our relationship until we locate and hopefully bring back William.”

While Amell shared his thoughts on Oliver and Felicity’s relationship, Rickard also gave her take on the now complicated their relationship is, and her giving back the engagement ring does not necessarily mean the end of Olicity, reports Entertainment Weekly.

“I think they are each other’s soulmates,” Rickards said. “I don’t think it’s that easy to let go of someone that you have shared such a deep connection with, even if they were hiding things from you. She might be able to take off the ring, but I don’t know if she can lose the intertwined connection of her heart, so we’ll see.”

Fans new that Felicity would take off her ring at some point during season 4 of Arrow. At the limo scene during the flash -forward at the cemetery, she was not wearing her ring either. So why did Oliver’s big secret lead Felicity to give back the ring?

Felicity was not wearing her ring in the flash-forward. [Image via The CW]
Felicity was not wearing her ring in the flash-forward. [Image via The CW]

“It really is the first step toward giving up that promise,” Rickards said about Oliver keeping William a secret from her. “It hits her so hard, and she feels like she’s been blindsided. That only ignites the taking off of the ring. There have been so many big life changes for her recently, especially because she can’t use her legs. That on top of your partner keeping a big secret from you, there’s just so much going on for her that once she hears that, she just needs space and time, and discards of the promise that’s been wrapped around her finger.”

Of course, fans can’t forget that while Damien Darhk was the one who actually kidnapped William, it was Malcolm Merlyn (John Barrowman) who informed Darhk about William’s existence in the first place, which ultimately led to his kidnapping. And according to Amell, Merlyn’s actions – once Oliver finds out it was him that was behind the kidnapping – will forever change their relationship.

“We have seen moments of uneasy alliance and even quiet, humorous moments and some moments of actual appreciation between Oliver to Malcolm [in the past], and I think it’s safe to say that for however long Malcolm Merlyn is walking the Earth, that bridge has been burned forever.”

The next all-new episode of Arrow, “Broken Hearts,” airs Wednesday, March 23 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW check out a preview below.

[Image via The CW]